Equator Traume aus Hollywood

Issuing Company: Equator
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: early 1954
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete. The set title translates to Hollywood Dreams.

Date info: From looking at the release dates of the films mentioned on the cards, most of the films were released in 1953 with a few in 1954, so I'm placing a 1954 date on this set.

Thanks to Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

1. Greta Garbo in "Menschen im Hotel"
2. Esther Williams in "Die Wasserprinzessin"
5. Betta St. John in "Dream Wife"
7. Vera Ellen in "The Belle of New York"
8. Lana Turner in "Serenade in Rio"
15. Cyd Charisse in "Sombrero"
16. Esther Williams in "Bezaubernde Lippen"
25. Betta St. John in "The Student Prince"
26. Vera Ellen in "The Belle of New York"
38. Barbara Ruick in "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis"
41. Polly Bergen in "Arena"
43. Vittorio Gassmann in "Symphonie des Herzens"
44. Fernando Lamas in "Rose Marie"
45. Betta St. John in "Du und Keine Andere"
48. Lana Turner in "Im Netz der Leidenschaft"
51. Robert Taylor in "Fluch des Blutes"
54. Joan Crawford in "Herzen im Fieber"
55. Rita Gam in "Saadia"
59. Ricardo Montalban in "Sombrero"
66. Barbara Bates in "Symphonie des Herzens"
71. Stewart Granger in "Die Schwarze Perle"
73. Lana Turner in "Serenade in Rio"
77. Leslie Caron in "Lili"
78. Leslie Caron in "Lili"
80. Deborah Kerr und Robert Taylor in "Quo Vadis"
81. Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger und Jean Simmons in "Die Thronfolgerin"
82. Deborah Kerr und Robert Taylor in "Quo Vadis"
84. Ricardo Montalban Star aus "Sombrero" und in "Serenade in Rio"
86. Cyd Charisse Star aus in "Sombrero" und "Brigadoon"
87. Leslie Caron Star aus "Lili" und in "War es die grotze Liebe"
90. Robert Taylor in "Quo Vadis"
92. Lana Turner und Ricardo Montalban in "Serenade in Rio"
93. John Ericson in "Symphonie des Herzens"
100. Elizabeth Taylor in "Symphonie des Herzens"
102. James Mason Star aus in "War es die grotze Liebe" und "Julius Caesar"
112. Deborah Kerr und Stewart Granger in "Die Thronfolgerin"
119. Rosalie Crutchley und Deborah Kerr in "Quo Vadis"
125. Edmund Purdom in "Des Konigs Dieb"
138. Jack Buchanan in "Vorhang auf"
156. Cyd Charisse in "Vorwiegend heifer"

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