woS - Bilderdienst Mulheim-Ruhr

Issuing Company: Werbe Organisation Schwaab (woS)
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: 1952
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: At least 540
Card Size: 2" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. An album was issued with this set to hold the A and B sets. A different album was issued to hold the C set and the album was called Cowboy 1. The cards from this set are made from thin glossy paper stock, not cardboard. From date research on the stars (especially the paired stars), this set was probably issued in about 1952.

Collector Ralf Wierz located an original bag used to sell these cards. Here's Ralf's report on the bag:

"I was able to buy some of the German woS series cards and one original paper bag where the cards were sold in. So the cards didn't come with cigarettes. I remember when I was at school in the 1970's these kind of paper bags with collector cards in it were sold at newspaper stands or kiosks. The woS were sold for 10 Pfennig per bag and 5 cards were in it. On the back is some advertising for Wissoll products, they sold Sweets, Chocolate Bars, Pralines and Cocoa."

Thanks to Ralf Wierz, A. J. Vezina, Greg Graetz, and Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

A 1 Silvana Mangano
A 2 Debra Paget
A 3 Ingrid Bergman
A 4 Kathe Gold
A 5 Volker Von Collande
A 6 Esther Williams
A 7 Dieter Borsche
A 8 Maria Schell
A 9 Jean Simmons
A 10 Jean Peters
A 11 Hans Holt
A 12 Kristina Soderbaum
A 13 Kristina Soderbaum
A 14 Adolf Wohlbruck
A 15 Willy Fritsch
A 16 Maureen O'Hara
A 17 Bruni Lobel
A 18 Bruni Lobel
A 19 Maria Litto
A 20 Sonja Ziemann
A 21 Rudolf Prack
A 22 Theo Lingen
A 23 Josef Meinrad
A 24 Hans Moser
A 25 Willy Fritsch
A 26 Annhy Ondra
A 27 Hardy Kruger
A 28 Hans Richter
A 29 Hildegard Knef
A 30 Hilde Krahl
A 31 Hilde Krahl
A 32 Gustav Frohlich
A 33 Ewald Balser
A 34 Mathias Wieman
A 35 Eva-Ingborg Scholz
A 36 Peter Mosbacher
A 37 Simone Signoret
A 38 Michele Morgan
A 39 Victure Mature
A 40 Edith Schneider
A 41 Katja Mayberg
A 42 Marina Reid
A 43 Doris Dowling
A 44 Johannes Heesters
A 45 Gretl Schorg
A 46 Nadia Gray
A 47 Wolf Albach Retty
A 48 Rita Hayworth
A 49 Inge Egger
A 50 Dieter Borsche
A 51 Hans Sohnker
A 52 Angelika Hauff
A 53 Richard Haussler
A 54 Albrecht Schoenhals
A 55 Carl Raddatz
A 56 Clark Gable
A 57 Kurt Meisel
A 58 Tyrone Power
A 59 Margaret Lockwood
A 60 Walt Disney
A 61 Mickey Mouse
A 62 Hase Klofer
A 63 Goofy
A 64 Blume-das Stinktier
A 65 Nadia Gray
A 66 Gretl Schorg
A 67 Rita Hayworth
A 68 Silvano Mangano
A 69 Gene Tierney
A 70 Georg Thomalla
A 71 Paul Horbiger
A 72 Joan Rice
B 73 Jean Simmons
B 74 Esther Williams
B 75 Pinocchio
B 76 David Farbar
B 77 Errol Flynn
B 78 Vera Molnar
B 79 Jean Marais
B 80 Marika Rokk
B 81 Ingrid Bergman
B 82 Ingrid Bergman
B 83 Ingrid Bergman
B 84 Ingrid Bergman
B 85 Marianne Wischmann
B 86 Marianne Wischmann
B 87 Harry Piel
B 88 Douglas Fairbanks Jr. und Maureen O'Hara
B 89 Robert Lindner
B 90 Christiane Lenier
B 91 Jeanette Schulze
B 92 Arno Assmann
B 93 Christianne Lenier
B 94 Vera Molnar
B 95 Gary Cooper
B 96 Gary Cooper
B 97 Willy Fritsch
B 98 Sonja Ziemann
B 99 Cornell Borchers
B 100 Marianne Wischmann
B 101 Faline
B 102 Bambi
B 103 Paula Wessely
B 104 Harry Piel
B 105 Marika Rokk
B 106 Jeanette Schultze
B 107 Rudolf Platte
B 108 Inge Egger
B 109 Peter Van Eyck
B 110 Irene V. Meyendorff
B 111 Carl Raddatz
B 112 Hilde Hildebrand
B 113 Elina Ibourdette
B 114 Cary Grant
B 115 Jane Russell
B 116 Alida Valli
B 117 Esther Williams
B 118 Esther Williams
B 119 Stewart Granger
B 120 Margaret Lockwood
B 121 Jane Russell (Misspelled Russel)
B 122 Donald Cook
B 123 Marlene Dietrich
B 124 June Haver
B 125 Bambi
B 126 Faline
B 127 Douglas Fairbanks Jr. und Walter Slezak
B 128 Douglas Fairbanks Jr. und Walter Slezak
B 129 Pinocchio
B 130 Pinocchio
B 131 Pinocchio
B 132 Lassie
B 133 Michele Morgan
B 134 Stewart Granger
B 135 Jean Kent
B 136 Albert Lieven
B 137 Debra Paget
B 138 Joan Rice
B 139 Viveca Lindfors
B 140 Gene Kelly
B 141 Sonja Ziemann
B 142 Louis Jourdan und Debra Paget
B 143 Glenn Ford
B 144 Red Skelton
C 145 Joel McCrea
C 146 Joel McCrea
C 147 Joel McCrea
C 148 Joel McCrea
C 149 Joel McCrea
C 150 Errol Flynn
C 151 Errol Flynn
C 152 Errol Flynn
C 153 Errol Flynn
C 154 Johnny Weissmuller
C 155 Johnny Weissmuller
C 156 Frau Tarzan "Miss Tarzan"
C 157 Johnny Weissmuller
C 158 Johnny Weismuller
C 159 Tarzans Sohn "Tarzans Son"
C 160 John Wayne
C 161 John Wayne
C 162 John Wayne and Ella Raines
C 163 Randolph Scott und Jacqueline White
C 164 Anne Jeffreys
C 165 Szene aus "Der Schrecken von Texas"
C 166 Randolph Scott
C 167 Randolph Scott und Jacqueline White
C 168 Anne Jeffreys
C 169 Anne Jeffreys
C 170 Robert Ryan
C 171 Gary Cooper
C 172 Gary Cooper
C 173 Steve Cochran
C 174 Gregory Peck and Barbara Payton
C 175 Gary Cooper
C 176 Paulette Goddard and Gary Cooper
C 177 Paulette Goddard
C 178 Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard
C 179 Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard
C 180 Gary Cooper
C 181 Gary Cooper und Paulette Goddard
C 182 Gary Cooper und Paulette Goddard
C 183 Gary Cooper
C 184 Ray Milland
C 185 Ray Milland und McDonald Carey
C 186 Hedy Lamarr und Ray Milland
C 187 MacDonald Carey
C 188 Hedy Lamarr und McDonald Carey
C 189 Ray Milland und Hedy Lamarr
C 190 Donald Crisp
C 191 Alan Ladd and Donald Crisp
C 192 Alan Ladd
C 193 Alan Ladd, Brenda Marshall, und Robert Preston
C 194 Alan Ladd
C 195 Szene aus "Der Todesverächter" (the Film is named Whispering Smith (1948))
C 196 Alan Ladd
C 197 Alan Ladd and Robert Preston
C 198 Alan Ladd und Robert Preston
C 199 Alan Ladd und Brenda Marshall
C 200 Alan Ladd and Robert Preston
C 201 Alan Ladd, Robert Preston, Brenda Marshall, und Donald Crisp
C 202 Alan Ladd
C 203 Alan Ladd und Robert Preston
C 204 Brenda Marshall und Robert Preston
C 205 Alan Ladd
C 206 Gary Cooper
C 207 Gary Cooper
C 208 Gary Cooper
C 209 Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur
C 210 Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur
C 211 Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur
C 212 Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith
C 213 Florence Batesm, Szoke Sakall, Alexis Smith and Errol Flynn
C 214 Alexis Smith and Errol Flynn
C 215 Randolph Scott
C 216 Wendell Corey and McDonald Carey
C 223 Susan Howard and Tyrone Power
C 225 Tyrone Power
C 239 Scene from the film "Texas Trouble Shooters" issued in the USA 1942, in Germany 1950
C 243 Scene from the film "Texas Trouble Shooters" issued in the USA 1942, in Germany 1950
C 260 Ken Maynard
C 265 William Boyd
C 279 Ken Maynard
C 283 William Boyd
C 284 William Boyd
C 288 Ken Maynard
D 289 Marianne Schönauer
D 291 Paul Hörbiger
D 292 Mady Rahl
D 293 Paul Hartmann
D 294 Rudolf Park
D 298 Duzy Delair
D 299 Julia Fjörsen
D 305 Michele Morgan und Henri Vidal
D 308 Maria Litto
D 309 Käthe Haack
D 313 Dieter Porsche
D 315 Ruth Niehaus und Hans Reiser
D 322 Adolf Wohlbrück
D 323 Cecile Aubry
D 324 Hans Albers und Cecile Aubry
D 325 Cecile Aubry
D 326 Cecile Aubry
D 327 Jacques Sernas
D 330 Yvonne de Carlo
D 331 Yvonne de Carlo
D 332 Peter Ustinov
D 333 Yvonne de Carlo und David Tomlinson
D 343 Hannelore Schroth
D 345 Inge Meysel
D 346 Käte Pontow
D 347 Ernst Lothar und Liselotte Malkowski
D 348 Jean Simmons
D 349 Trevor Howard
D 350 Jean Simmons und Trevor Howard
D 353 John Howard Davies
D 357 Deidre Doyle
D 360 Henry Stephenson
E 364 Hazel Court und William Eythe
E 366 Ferdinand Marian
E 367 Harry Liedtke
E 372 Lana Turner
E 380 Rudolf Prack
E 382 Sonja Ziemann und Siegfried Breuer
E 393 Mario Lanza
E 397 Georg Thomalla
E 399 Cornell Borchers und Will Quadflieg
E 406 Michele Morgan
E 415 Claudine Dupuis
E 416 Anneliese Ericson
E 418 Michael Redgrave und Brian Smith
E 419 Jean Kent und Nigel Patrick
E 420 Michael Redgrave und Brian Smith
E 423 Richard Basehart
E 424 Barbara Bel Geddes und Richard Basehart
E 425 Vittorio Gassmann
E 426 Ermanno Randi und Maria Grazia Francia
C 3a 434 Brenda Marshall
C 3a 445 Johnny Weissmuller
C 3a 446 Johnny Weissmuller und Patricia Morison
C 3a 460 Alan Ladd
C 3a 462 Alan Ladd
C 3a 463 Alan Ladd und Mona Freeman
F 1 505 Susi Nicoletti
F 1 506 Waltraut Haas
F 1 508 Dagmar Rom
F 1 509 Hermann Speelmanns
F 1 510 Carl Raddatz
F 1 511 Irene von Meyendorff und Ernst Schröder
F 1 512 Irene von Meyendorff und Ernst Schröder
F 1 516 Maxi und Ernst Baier
F 1 517 Ingrid Bergman
F 1 518 Charles Boyer und Ingrid Bergman
F 1 519 Erich Maria Remarque
F 1 520 Charles Boyer und Ingrid Bergman
F 1 521 Hilde Krahl
F 1 524 Hilde Krahl und Dieter Borsche
F 1 525 Hannelore Schroth
F 1 527 Hannelore Schroth
F 1 528 Hannelore Schroth
F 1 529 Kristina Söderbaum und Lutz Moik
F 1 530 Kristina Söderbaum
F 1 531 Kristina Söderbaum und Lutz Moik
F 1 532 Kristina Söderbaum und Lutz Moik
F 1 534 Maria Holst und Hans Holt
F 1 535 Inge Egger und Joe Stöckel
F 1 536 Inge Egger und Joe Stöckel
F 1 537 Vera Ellen
F 1 538 Cesar Romero und Vera Ellen
F 1 539 Cesar Romero und Vera Ellen
F 1 540 David Niven und Vera Ellen

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