Complete Sets for Sale

These sets are generally in excellent condition unless noted. For the excellent sets, there may be a card or two that is a little less than excellent, and there are probably cards that are in near mint condition. There is no shipping charge on complete set orders.

The information in parentheses is (number of cards in the set-color or b&w-year of issue).

Anonymous Cinema Stars Set 6 (30-b&w-1935) $90

Cavanders Cinema Stars (30-color-1934) $120

Gallaher Film Episodes (48-color-1936) includes Laurel and Hardy - most ex, few vg $70
Gallaher Portraits of Famous Stars (48-color-1935) $90

Jibco Tea Screen Stars 2nd Series (25-color-1956) $85

Godfrey Phillips Characters Come to Life (36-color-1938) $80
Godfrey Phillips Film Favourites (50-color-1934) $75
Godfrey Phillips Film Stars (50-color-1934) $80
Godfrey Phillips Shots from the Films (48-color-1934) $110

Players Film Stars (50-color-1934) most ex, few vg $90
Players Film Stars 3rd Series (50-color-1938) $100

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