Issuing Company: Ardath Tobacco Company
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1936
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 50
Card Size: 3 3/4" x 2 11/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

1. Greta Garbo and Herbert Marshall in "The Painted Veil"
2. Robert Cummings, Eleanore Whitney, and John Halliday in "Three Cheers for Love"
3. Leslie Henson and Marjorie Brooks in "Nice Goings On"
4. Fred Stone, Sylvia Sidney, Henry Fonda, and Beulah Bondi in "Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
5. Madeleine Carroll ad George Brent in "The Case Against Mrs. Ames"
6. Romney Brent, Bernard Nedell, and Clare Carleton in "Three Men on a Horse"
7. Joan Blondell and James Cagney in "Footlight Parade"
8. Norma Shearer, Clark Gable, and Leslie Howard in "A Free Soul"
9. Clifford Mollison and Phyllis Monkman in "No, No, Nanette"
10. Maurice Chevalier in "The Merry Widow"
11. Myrna Loy and William Powell in "The Great Ziegfeld"
12. Bud Flanagan and Teddy Knox in "Round About Regent Street"
13. Clark Gable and Jean Harlow in "China Seas"
14. Dick Powell, Gloria Stuart, Alice Brady, and Adolphe Menjou in "Gold Diggers of 1935"
15. Sir Seymour Hicks and Claire Luce in "Vintage Wine"
16. Cary Grant and Joan Bennett in "Big Brown Eyes"
17. Rochelle Hudson and W.C. Fields in "Poppy"
18. Ernie Lotinga in "Rates and Taxes"
19. Joan Blondell and Jack Oakie in "Colleen"
20. Robert Montgomery, Joan Crawford, and Clark Gable in "Forsaking All Others"
21. Owen Nares and Fay Compton in "Call it a Day"
22. John Boles and Gladys Swarthout in "Rose of the Rancho"
23. Bobby Howes and Vera Pearce in "Please Teacher"
24. Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in "Shipmates Forever"
25. George Robey and Charlotte Leigh in "Jolly Roger"
26. Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carroll in "The General Died at Dawn"
27. Joan Crawford and Robert Taylor in "The Gorgeous Hussy"
28. Jack Buchanan and Elsie Randolph in "This'll Make You Whistle"
29. Fredric March and Olivia de Havilland in "Anthony Adverse"
30. Robertson Hare and Iris Darbyshire in "Aren't Men Beasts"
31. Paul Robeson and Elizabeth Welch in "Song of Freedom"
32. Lupe Velez and Alfred Rode in "Gypsy Melody"
33. Clifford Mollison, Claire Luce, and Dave Hutcheson in "The Gay Deceivers"
34. Jessie Matthews and Louis Borell in "Head Over Heels"
35. George Arliss and Rene Ray in "His Lordship"
36. Frances Langford, Sir Guy Standing, and Ernest Cossart in "Palm Springs Affair"
37. Wyndham Goldie and Nora Swinburne in "Page From a Diary"
38. Francis Lederer, Ann Sothern, and Billie Burke in "My American Wife"
39. Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, and Ralph Forbes in "Piccadilly Jim"
40. Leslie Henson and Zelma O'Neal in "Swing Along"
41. Marion Davies and Dick Powell in "Hearts Divided"
42. Jack Haley and Betty Furness in "Mister Cinderella"
43. Sir Guy Standing, Francis Drake, and Janet Beecher in "I'd Give My Life"
44. George Robey and Renee Houston in "Certainly Sir"
45. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in "Our Relations"
46. George Raft and Dolores Costello Barrymore in "Yours for the Asking"
47. Jean Harlow, Franchot Tone, and Cary Grant in "Suzy"
48. Stanley Lupino and Laddie Cliff in "Over She Goes"
49. Pat O'Brien and Beverly Roberts in "China Clipper"
50. Claude Dampier in "She Knew What She Wanted"

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