Anon - I set (Sweden)

Issuing Company: Anonymous
Country of Issue: Sweden
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Blank Backed. These all have the letter I with a slash before the number. For example, I/14.

I believe these were issued in Sweden, though it is possible they were issued in some other European country.

I/1. Harold Lloyd
I/2. Joan Crawford
I/13. William Haines
I/15. Jean Harlow
I/17. Norma Shearer
I/19. Dorothy Sebastian
I/20. David Manners
I/22. Dorothy Lee
I/23. Bessie Love
I/24. Madge Evans
I/27. Clark Gable
I/29. Clara Bow
I/30. Barbara Stanwyck

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