Issuing Company: Godfrey Phillips Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1935
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 54
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 5/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: There are two varieties for card #46.

This set contains cards of actors, sports figures, politicians, and other people in the public eye in 1935. There is an interesting card of Winston Churchill before he became British Prime Minister.

1. Lord Derby (Politician, Race Horse Owner)
2. Jack Hylton (Dance Band Conductor)
3. Henry Cotton (Golfer)
4. George Cook (Boxer)
5. Lawson Little (Golfer)
6. Jim Braddock (Boxer)
7. Aga Khan (Religious Leader, Race Horse Owner)
8. R. E. S. Wyatt (Cricket Player)
9. Rt. Hon. J. Ramsay MacDonald (British Prime Minister)
10. Miss Joyce Wethered (Golfer)
11. Lord Trenchard (Police Commissioner)
12. Fred J. Perry (Tennis Player)
13. Jack Petersen (Boxer)
14. J. H. Crawford (Tennis Player)
15. H. W. (Bunny) Austin (Tennis Player)
16. H. Verity (Cricket Player)
17. Lord Lonsdale (Sportsman)
18. H. Sutcliffe (Cricket Player)
19. Seymour Hicks (Actor, Playwright, Author)
20. Dorothy Round (Tennis Player)
21. Henry Hall (Dance Orchestra Leader)
22. Freddie Fox (Jockey)
23. Jack Hobbs (Cricket Player)
24. Jack Hulbert (Actor)
25. Max Baer (Boxer)
26. Harry Hibbs (Soccer Player)
27. D. R. Jardine (Cricket Player)
28. H. Larwood (Cricket Player)
29. William Voce (Cricket Player)
30. George Robey (Comedian)
31. Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin (British Prime Minister)
32. Mrs. Helen Wills Moody (Tennis Player)
33. Sir C.E. Kingsford Smith (Pilot)
34. L. E. G. Ames (Cricket Player)
35. Gordon Richards (Jockey)
36. Gracie Fields (Actress)
37. Wanda Morgan (Golfer)
38. Rt. Hon. Leslie Hore-Belisha (Politician)
39. Rt. Hon. George Lansbury (Politician)
40. W. R. Hammond (Cricket Player)
41. Steve Donoghue (Jockey)
42. Alex James (Soccer Player)
43. Amy Johnson (Aviator)
44. Cicely Courtneidge (Actress)
45. Ret. Hon. Anthony Eden (Politician)
46a. Maurice S. Nichols (Cricket Player)
46b. Maurice S. Nichols ("and in 1935 1249 runs and 157 wickets" added to back)
47. George Allison (Soccer Broadcaster)
48. Hugh Gallacher (Soccer Player)
49. Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George (Politician)
50. Len Harvey (Boxer)
51. Alfred Perry (Golfer)
52. Ronald Starling (Soccer Player)
53. Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill (Politician)
54. Rt. Hon. J. H. Thomas (Politician)

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