Almex Film Stars (Yellow Border)

Issuing Company: Ediciones Almex, S. de R. L.
Country of Issue: Mexico
Year of Issue: 1959
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 390
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. The cards in this set have yellow borders. Most of the cards in this set are blank backed, but some have printed backs with the Almex company name and information about the set and about ordering an album to house the cards. This back has been seen with the original printing and with some overprints that change the prices. Another back has been seen that is horizontal and has mainly album information.

There is an album that was issued with this set. In the album, each page contains room for 8 cards, with all the stars coming from the same country. For example, there are pages for stars from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and many other countries, mainly spanish-speaking countries. Though this set originated in Mexico, it is likely this set was also sold in other spanish-speaking countries. The last page in the album contains 8 cards featuring cartoon characters Tom and Jerry and associated cartoon characters.

There are some variations in this set. The variations usually revolve around the movie studio logo and the movie text that is on many of the cards. Many of the variations have one card with the studio logo and movie text while the variation card does not contain those elements. There is a variation for #233 Libertad Lamarque that shows her picture in regular format and reverse format. There is a variation for #129 Jane Wyman that shows her studio logo as Warner Brothers on one card and 20th Century Fox on the other version. There are also some minor color variations. Variations that are known are listed in the checklist below, but there are almost certainly many more variations, as most of the cards have not been studied in detail.

Date info: The album contains a 1959 date.

Thanks to Logan Kirk, Glen Hettrick, and Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

Estados Unidos de N. A.

1. Elizabeth Taylor
2. Robert Taylor
3. June Allyson
4. Mario Lanza
5. Stewart Granger
6. Jane Powell
7. Peter Lawford
8. Jean Simmons
9. Ava Gardner
10. Clark Gable
11. Ann Blyth
12. Paul Douglas
14. Shelley Winters
15. Anthony Franciosa
16. Lana Turner
17. Barbara Stanwyck
18. Edmund Purdom
21. Gary Cooper
23. Howard Keel
24. Grace Kelly in "The Swan"
27. Merle Oberon
45. Frank Sinatra
57. Janet Leigh
58. Steve Forrest
59. Gloria Grahame
60. Glenn Ford
61. Ray Milland
62. Judy Garland
63. Walter Pidgeon
64. Greer Garson
74. Gene Kelly in "Les Girls"
76. Spencer Tracy
81. Marilyn Monroe
82. Yul Brynner
83. Jennifer Jones
84. Gregory Peck
85. Tom Ewell
86. Terry Moore
87. Robert Wagner
88. Sheree North
94. Joan Collins
97. Dana Wynter
98. Kirk Douglas
99. Bella Darvi
100. Robert Ryan
101. William Holden
102. Jane Russell
103. Jeffrey Hunter
104. Jeane Crain
105. Lauren Bacall
106. Dana Andrews
107. Susan Hayward
109. Danny Kaye
110. Maureen O'Hara in "The Magnificent Matador"
114. John Wayne
115. Dorothy Malone
117. Burt Lancaster
119. Marlon Brando
127. Rock Hudson
129a. Jane Wyman (Warner Brother logo)
129b. Jane Wyman (20th Century Fox logo)
130a. Cornell Wilde (Warner Brothers logo and film name listed)
130b. Cornell Wilde (no logo or film name listed)
133. Edmond O'Brien
135a. Jack Palance (Warner Brothers logo and film name listed)
135b. Jack Palance (no logo or film name listed)
136. Joan Drue
139. Mona Freeman
140. Tony Curtis
143. Charlton Heston
145. Rhonda Fleming
152. Shirley Jones
153. Kim Novak
156. John Derek


166. Pedro Infante
167. Dolores Del Rio
168. Pedro Armendariz
177. Rosita Quintana
178. Jorge Negrete
179. Sylvia Derbez
180. Luis Aguilar
182. Lola Beltran
183. Raul Martinez
186. Sarita Montiel
209. Anna Luisa Pelulio


233a. Libertad Lamarque (looking right)
233b. Libertad Lamarque (looking left reverse image)
237. Angel Magena
238. Nini Marshall "Calita"
240. Olga Zubarry

250. Jorge Mistral
251a. Emma Penella (film name listed)
251b. Emma Penella (no film listed)
257. Carmen Sevilla
259. Susana Canales
263. Julio Pena
265. Maruja Asquerino


273. Martine Carol
274. Yves Montand
275. Francoise Arnoul
276. Fernandel
277. Jean Claude Pascal
278. Etchika Choureau
279. Daniel Gelin
280. Maria Sabourat
281. Brigitte Bardot
282. Jean Servais
283. Odile Versois
284. Georges Marchal
285. Jean Mareis
286. Danielle Darrieux
287. Pierre Fresnay
288. Anouk Aimee

300. Gerard Philipe
301. Michel Simon
303. Raymond Pellegrin
304. Micheline Presle
316. Massimo Girotti
319. Amedeo Nazzari


321. Rossana Podesta
322. Rossano Brazzi
323. Sofia Loren
324. Raf Vallone
325. Roberto Risso
326. Irene Galter
327. Geno Cervi
328. Marisa Pavan

331a. Delphi Lawrence (with Rank logo)
331b. Delphi Lawrence (no logo)
333. Peter Finch
336. Kay Kendall
337. Diana Dors
345. Moira Shearer
350. Muriel Pavlow


376. Zaiton
380. Mie Kitahara

Tom y Jerry y Sus Amigos

383. Tom (from Tom and Jerry cartoon)
384. Jerry (from Tom and Jerry cartoon)
385. Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse (from Tom and Jerry cartoon)
386. Fuzzy and Wuzzy (Barney Bear's nephews)
387. Spike Bulldog (from Tom and Jerry cartoon)
388. Barney Bear (cartoon)
389. Tyke Bulldog (from Tom and Jerry cartoon)

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