Athanassacopoulo Toccos Film Stars (Ross)

Issuing Company: Athanassacopoulo Bros., Alexandria, Egypt
Country of Issue: Egypt
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These are black and white photos with "Ross" in the bottom left border. An Album has been seen for this set. Two different back types have been seen for this set.

Thanks to Richard Minns, Bruce Parker, and Bernie Feldman for help with this checklist.

Annabella (checkered suit)
Annabella (gown)
Annabella (feathered hat)
Fred Astaire
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Binnie Barnes (wearing fur coat and white feathered hat)
Wallace Beery
Joan Bennett (holding dog)
Joan Bennett (striped shirt)
Charles Boyer (hand on chin)
Charles Boyer (looking right)
Madeleine Carroll (hands clasped near face)
Madeleine Carroll (hair in ringlets, chequered blouse with white collar)
Maurice Chevalier
Jean Chevrier
Claudette Colbert (wearing jewelled necklace and bracelet)
Claudette Colbert (vase of flowers on table in front of her)
Gary Cooper (head and shoulders with cigarette)
Gary Cooper (head and shoulders)
Gary Cooper (wearing cap)
Gary Cooper (head & shoulders, wearing dinner jacket and white bow tie)
Gary Cooper (full length, naval uniform, arms folded)
Gary Cooper (cutting cake, tray of glasses)
Gary Cooper (head and shoulders, black dinner jacket, white bow tie)
Danielle Darrieux
Josette Day
Frances Dee (red Indian costume, sat on grass)
Jacqueline Delubac
Marlene Dietrich (hand to side of face, head and shoulders)
Robert Donat
Deanna Durbin (with dog)
Deanna Durbin (face shot)
Buddy Ebsen (head and shoulders, grey suit with black shirt collar overlapping suit)
Nelson Eddy
Marta Eggerth
Alice Faye (bathing costume, sea in background)
Pierre Fresnay
Jean Gabin
Clark Gable (sitting osn stairs)
Clark Gable (holding wine glass)
Clark Gable (leaning on car)
Clark Gable (wearing flyer hat, goggles on top of hat)
Clark Gable (holding cat)
Clark Gable (naval uniform, tray with glass in shot)
Clark Gable (riding horse)
J. Gael
Greta Garbo (Horizontal picture, reclining in arm chair, wearing white dress and white long gloves)
Greta Garbo (Wearing white dress, leaning forward in chair, smiling)
Greta Garbo (Holding boy (Freddie Bartholomew))
Greta Garbo (Head and shoulders shot, wearing fur coat and jewels)
Greta Garbo (hair in ringlets, white dress on shoulder with stars)
Greta Garbo (wide hat, looking down, head and shoulders)
Greta Garbo (white gloved hand, jewels to neck)
Greta Garbo (black gloved hand, holding fan, half length)
Janet Gaynor (white blouse, hands together)
Betty Grable
Fernand Gravet
Jean Harlow (legs crossed, sat on desk)
Jean Harlow (sat on chair, sleeveless dress, arms in front)
Rochelle Hudson (large white hat and white dress)
Emil Jannings
Jan Kiepura (head and shoulders, grey suit with shite shirt)
June Knight (Dancing with Robert Taylor)
Laurel & Hardy
Carole Lombard (arms folded, sleeveless dress)
Fredric March
Ray Milland
Robert Montgomery (half length, white shirt with grey overcoat unbuttoned)
Grace Moore
Merle Oberon
Maureen O'Sullivan
Jean Parker (dressed as cowgirl with boots and hat)
Dita Parlo
Dick Powell
Eleanor Powell (black dress, walking, house behind)
William Powell
George Raft (carrying at, walking down steps)
Luise Rainer (in Chinese costume, clutching child – scene from The Good Earth)
Luise Rainer - Paul Muni
Edward G. Robinson
Vivian Romance
Tino Rossi (half length, dark suit and black tie)
Rosalind Russell
Norma Shearer (wearing locket)
Norma Shearer (powdered wig)
Sylvia Sidney
Barbara Stanwyck
Robert Taylor (smoking pipe)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, naval uniform)
Robert Taylor (firing gun)
Robert Taylor (black pin stripped suit, hand under chin)
Shirley Temple (full length, carrying satchel)
Franchot Tone (cigarette in hand, both hands in shot)
Claire Trevor (on bicycle)
Anne Vernon
Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan with chimp, offering tennis racquet)
Mae West (hand to side of face)
P. Richard Wilm
Loretta Young (v neck dress, hand to side of head)

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