Babichou Film Stars

Issuing Company: Babichou
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue: 1951
Color/B&W: one color (green, red, or black)
Number of Cards in Set: 150 (50 movie stars)
Card Size: 7/8" x 1 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Confectionery products

Notes: Blank-backed. Checklist shows all the movie stars, but not the other people. This set contains 150 cards, with 50 being movie stars. The other 100 cards show cycling, boxing, soccer and rugby stars. An album was issued with this set. Each page contains spaces for 25 cards for a particular subject, with the first and last page devoted to the movie stars.

The cards in this set are poor quality paper photos which can be black, red, or green.

Date info: There was a contest associated with this set called "grand concours des vedettes" (great contest of the stars). In the contest rules, the contest began on October 1, 1951 and ended on December 31, 1952. Therefore, the cards must have begun in late 1951 and continued through 1952.

Thanks to Serge Plumecocq for help with this checklist.

1. Jean Marais
2. Francois Perier
3. Tino Rossi
4. J.-P. Aumont
5. Henri Vidal
6. E. Feuillere
7. V. Romance
8. Martine Carol
9. M. Chevalier
10. P. Fresnay
11. D. Delorme
12. Cecile Aubry
13. G. Marchal
14. Bernard Blier
15. Fernandel
16. Claude Dauphin
17. Louis Jouvet
18. Jean Gabin
19. B. Brunoy
20. Suzy Delair
21. M. Presle
22. Michele Morgan
23. Dany Robin
24. Arletty
25. Ch. Trenet
26-50. Cycling Stars
51-75. Boxing Stars
76-100. Soccer Stars
101-125. Rugby Stars
126. Clark Gable
127. Spencer Tracy
128. Mickey Rooney
129. James Stewart (spelled Steward on card)
130. Paul Muni
131. Joan Crawford
132. Lana Turner
133. O. DeHavilland
134. V. Leigh
135. I. Bergman
136. Gary Cooper
137. J. Weissmuller
138. Stan Laurel
139. Orson Welles
140. Gregory Peck
141. D. Fairbanks Jr.
142. Esther Williams
143. George Raft
144. Dorothy Lamour
145. Myrna Loy
146. B. Stanwyck
147. P. Goddard
148. Charlie Chaplin
149. Danny Kaye
150. Cary Grant (spelled G. Grant on card and Gary Grant in album)

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