Bruguera Cromos Cinefoto

Issuing Company: Editorial Bruguera
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1943
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2" x 2 15/16" (S) and 2 7/8" x 4 1/16" (L)
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete.

The cards from this set were designed to be pasted into an album. The album pages measure 9 1/2" x 13". There are two sizes of cards for this set, though each card can be found in only one size.

Each page of the album contains 6 cards on one side and 6 on the other. For each page in the album, the same letter is used for side 1 and side 2, so there are 12 numbers for each letter.

Amit Benyovits listed the cards in an album he has for this set in the checklist below. There are a lot of other cards not seen in his album, leading me to think there is at least one other album for this set.

Date info: The cover of the album contains the words "cuarenta y tres" which translates to 43, indicating the album was issued in 1943.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits, Bernie Feldman, Greg Graetz, Thomas Gladysz, Tom Rogers, and Richard Minns for helping with this checklist.

C-1:3. R. Z. Leonard (Director)
C-1:4. D.W. Griffith
C-1:10. Frank Capra
C-1:12. W. L. Van Dyke

C-1-A:3. Clarence Brown (Director)
C-1-A:5. Eric Von Strokim (Director)
C-1-A:6. Norman Taurog (Director)
C-1-A:7. Laenz Heredia (Director)

E-1-A:1. Katharine Hepburn (L)
E-1-A:2. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:3. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:4. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:5. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:6. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:7. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:8. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:9. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:10. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:11. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:12. Leslie Howard

E-1-B:3. Leslie Howard
E-1-B:6. Leslie Howard
E-1-B:10. William Powell
E-1-B:12. William Powell

E-2-A:1. William Powell
E-2-A:2. William Powell
E-2-A:3. William Powell
E-2-A:4. William Powell
E-2-A:5. William Powell
E-2-A:6. William Powell
E-2-A:7. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:8. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:9. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:10. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:11. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:12. Greta Garbo

E-2-B:1. Greta Garbo
E-2-B:4. Greta Garbo
E-2-B:5. Greta Garbo

E-3-A:1. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:2. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:3. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:4. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:5. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:6. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:7. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:8. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:9. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:10. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:11. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:12. Diana Durbin

E-3-B:2. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:3. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:4. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:5. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:5. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:12. Ginger Rogers

E-4-A:1. Ginger Rogers (L)
E-4-A:2. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:3. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:4. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:5. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:6. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:7. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:8. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:9. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:10. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:11. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:12. Gary Cooper

E-4-B:1. Gary Cooper
E-4-B:7. Jeanette MacDonald
E-4-B:10. Jeanette MacDonald

E-5-A:1. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:2. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:3. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:4. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:5. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:6. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:7. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:8. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:9. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:10. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:11. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:12. Nelson Eddy

E-5-B:1. Nelson Eddy
E-5-B:4. Nelson Eddy

E-6-A:1. Cary Grant
E-6-A:2. Cary Grant
E-6-A:3. Cary Grant
E-6-A:4. Cary Grant
E-6-A:5. Cary Grant
E-6-A:6. Cary Grant
E-6-A:7. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:8. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:9. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:10. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:11. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:12. Marlene Dietrich

E-6-B:1. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:4. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:5. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:6. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:8. Clark Gable-Helen Hayes

E-7-A:1. Clark Gable (L)
E-7-A:2. Clark Gable
E-7-A:3. Clark Gable
E-7-A:4. Clark Gable
E-7-A:5. Clark Gable
E-7-A:6. Clark Gable
E-7-A:7. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:8. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:9. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:10. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:11. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:12. Spencer Tracy

E-7-B:1. Spencer Tracy
E-7-B:9. Ronald Colman
E-7-B:12. Ronald Colman

E-8-A:1. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:2. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:3. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:4. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:5. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:6. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:7. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:8. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:9. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:10. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:11. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:12. Mickey Rooney

E-9-A:1. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:2. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:3. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:4. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:5. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:6. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:7. John Boles
E-9-A:8. John Boles
E-9-A:9. John Boles
E-9-A:10. John Boles
E-9-A:11. John Boles
E-9-A:12. John Boles

E-10-A:1. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:2. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:3. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:4. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:5. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:6. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:7. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:8. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:9. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:10. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:11. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:12. Irene Dunne

E-10-B:1. Irene Dunne
E-10-B:2. Irene Dunne
E-10-B:4. Irene Dunne
E-10-B:5. Irene Dunne
E-10-B:10. Annabella

E-11-A:1. Annabella
E-11-A:2. Annabella
E-11-A:3. Annabella
E-11-A:4. Annabella
E-11-A:5. Annabella
E-11-A:6. Annabella
E-11-A:7. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:8. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:9. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:10. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:11. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:12. Fred Astaire

E-12-A:1. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:2. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:3. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:4. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:7. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-A:10. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-A:12. Danielle Darrieux

E-12-B:1. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-B:2. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-B:4. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-B:8. Robert Taylor
E-12-B:11. Robert Taylor

E-13-A:1. Robert Taylor
E-13-A:4. Robert Taylor
E-13-A:8. Warner Baxter
E-13-A:9. Warner Baxter
E-13-A:10. Warner Baxter

E-13-B:6. Emil Jannings
E-13-B.7. Tyrone Power
E-13-B:10. Tyrone Power
E-13-B:12. Tyrone Power

E-14-A:1. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:4. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:5. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:6. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:7. Lionel Barrymore
E-14-A:9. Lionel Barrymore
E-14-A:10. Lionel Barrymore
E-14-A:12. Lionel Barrymore

E-15-A:1. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:3. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:4. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:5. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:6. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:8. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:9. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:11. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:12. Charles Boyer

E15-B:7. Claudette Colbert

E-16-A:1. Claudette Colbert
E-16-A:4. Claudette Colbert
E-16-A:7. Robert Montgomery
E-16-A:10. Robert Montgomery
E-16-A:11. Robert Montgomery

E-17-A:6. Paulette Goddard
E-17-A:11. Ralph Bellamy

F-1-A:1. Mary Astor
F-1-A:2. Mary Astor
F-1-A:3. Lilian Harvey
F-1-A:4. Lilian Harvey
F-1-A:5. Ralph Bellamy
F-1-A:6. Ralph Bellamy
F-1-A:7. Joan Bennett
F-1-A:8. Joan Bennett
F-1-A:9. George Brent
F-1-A:10. George Brent
F-1-A:11. Randolph Scott
F-1-A:12. Randolph Scott

F-1-B:3. George Brent
F-1-B:4. George Brent
F-1-B:6. Randolph Scott
F-1-B:9. Clive Brook
F-1-B:10. Clive Brook
F-1-B:11. Virginia Bruce

F-2-A:1. Joan Blondell
F-2-A:2. Joan Blondell
F-2-A:3. Clive Brook
F-2-A:4. Clive Brook
F-2-A:5. Virginia Bruce
F-2-A:6. Virginia Bruce
F-2-A:7. Ann Harding
F-2-A:8. Ann Harding
F-2-A:9. Miriam Hopkins
F-2-A:10. Miriam Hopkins
F-2-A:11. Ruby Keeler
F-2-A:12. Ruby Keeler

F-2-B:9. Hedy Lamarr

F-3-A:1. Victor MacLaglen
F-3-A:2. Victor MacLaglen
F-3-A:3. Hedy Lamarr
F-3-A:4. Hedy Lamarr
F-3-A:5. Lew Ayres
F-3-A:6. Lew Ayres
F-3-A:7. Paul Lukas
F-3-A:8. Paul Lukas
F-3-A:9. Herbert Marshall
F-3-A:10. Herbert Marshall
F-3-A:11. Adolphe Menjou
F-3-A:12. Adolphe Menjou

F-3-B:3. Herbert Marshall
F-3-B:5. Herbert Marshall
F-3-B:11. Merle Oberon

F-4-A:1. Jose Mojica
F-4-A:2. Jose Mojica
F-4-A:3. Fred MacMurray
F-4-A:4. Fred MacMurray
F-4-A:5. Merle Oberon
F-4-A:6. Merle Oberon
F-4-A:7. Anny Ondra
F-4-A:8. Anny Ondra
F-4-A:9. Jean Parker
F-4-A:10. Jean Parker
F-4-A:11. Dick Powell
F-4-A:12. Dick Powell

F-4-B:1. Anny Ondra
F-4-B:2. Anny Ondra
F-4-B:4. Jean Parker
F-4-B:11. George Raft

F-5-A:1. Eleanor Powell
F-5-A:2. Eleanor Powell
F-5-A:3. Dorotea Wieck
F-5-A:4. Dorotea Wieck
F-5-A:5. George Raft
F-5-A:6. George Raft
F-5-A:7. Gene Raymond
F-5-A:8. Gene Raymond
F-5-A:9. Merika Rokk
F-5-A:10. Merika Rokk
F-5-A:11. Rosalind Russell
F-5-A:12. Rosalind Russell

F-5-B:2. Gene Raymond
F-5-B:3. Marika Rokk
F-5-B:4. Marika Rokk
F-5-B:11. Loretta Young

F-6-A:1. Maureen O'Sullivan
F-6-A:2. Maureen O'Sullivan
F-6-A:3. Warren William
F-6-A:4. Warren William
F-6-A:5. Loretta Young
F-6-A:6. Loretta Young
F-6-A:7. Nancy Carroll
F-6-A:8. Nancy Carroll
F-6-A:9. Joel MacCrea
F-6-A:10. Joel MacCrea
F-6-A:11. Kay Francis
F-6-A:12. Kay Francis

F-6-B:2. Nancy Carroll
F-6-B:4. Joel McCrea
F-6-B:5. Kay Francis
F-6-B:8. Elissa Landi
F-6-B:9. James Dunn
F-6-B:10. James Dunn

F-7-A:1. Elissa Landi
F-7-A:2. Elissa Landi
F-7-A:3. James Dunn
F-7-A:4. James Dunn
F-7-A:5. Carl Brisson
F-7-A:6. Carl Brisson
F-7-A:7. Willy Birgel
F-7-A:8. Willy Birgel
F-7-A:9. Errol Flynn
F-7-A:10. Errol Flynn
F-7-A:11. Jack Holt
F-7-A:12. Jack Holt

F-7-B:7. Phillips Holmes
F-7-B:9. Robert Cummings
F-7-B:11. Lewis Stone
F-7-B:12. Lewis Stone

F-8-A:1. Phillips Holmes
F-8-A:2. Phillips Holmes
F-8-A:3. Robert Cummings
F-8-A:4. Robert Cummings
F-8-A:5. Lewis Stone
F-8-A:6. Lewis Stone
F-8-A:7. Henry Fonda
F-8-A:8. Henry Fonda
F-8-A:9. Willy Frist
F-8-A:10. Willy Frist
F-8-A:11. Anna May Wong
F-8-A:12. Anna May Wong

F-9-A:1. Madeleine Carroll
F-9-A:2. Madeleine Carroll
F-9-A:3. Marion Davies
F-9-A:4. Marion Davies
F-9-A:5. Amadeo Nazzari
F-9-A:6. Amadeo Nazzari
F-9-A:7. Ramon Navarro
F-9-A:8. Ramon Navarro
F-9-A:9. Helen Hayes
F-9-A:10. Helen Hayes
F-9-A:11. Allan Jones
F-9-A:12. Allan Jones

F-9-B:6. Allan Jones
F-9-B:11. Walter Pidgeon

F-10-A:1. Tom Brown
F-10-A:2. Tom Brown
F-10-A:3. Jack Buchannan
F-10-A:4. Jack Buchannan
F-10-A:5. Walter Pidgeon
F-10-A:6. Walter Pidgeon
F-10-A:7. Bruce Cabot
F-10-A:8. Bruce Cabot
F-10-A:9. Ricardo Cortez
F-10-A:10. Ricardo Cortez
F-10-A:11. Lil Dagover
F-10-A:12. Lil Dagover

F-10-B:3. Ricardo Cortez

F-11-A:1. Constance Bennett
F-11-A:2. Constance Bennett
F-11-A:3. Charles Bickford
F-11-A:4. Charles Bickford
F-11-A:5. Clara Bow
F-11-A:6. Clara Bow
F-11-A:7. George Bancroft
F-11-A:8. George Bancroft
F-11-A:9. Richard Barthelmess
F-11-A:10. Richard Barthelmess
F-11-A:11. Harvey Baur
F-11-A:12. Harvey Baur

F-11-B:3. Richard Barthelmess
F-11-B:9. Ann Shotern

F-12-A:1. Simone Simon
F-12-A:2. Simone Simon
F-12-A:3. Ann Shotern
F-12-A:4. Ann Shotern
F-12-A:5. Barbara Stanwyck
F-12-A:6. Barbara Stanwyck
F-12-A:7. Ann Sten
F-12-A:8. Ann Sten
F-12-A:9. James Stewart
F-12-A:10. James Stewart
F-12-A:11. Margaret Sullavan

F-12-B:1. Ann Stenn
F-12-B:5. Margaret Sullavan

F-13-A:1. Al Jonson (Jolson)
F-13-A:2. Al Johnson (Jolson)
F-13-A:3. Grace Moore
F-13-A:4. Grace Moore
F-13-A:5. Martha Eggerth
F-13-A:6. Martha Eggerth
F-13-A:7. Janet Gaynor
F-13-A:8. Janet Gaynor
F-13-A:9. Robert Donat
F-13-A:10. Robert Donat
F-13-A:11. Tino Rossi
F-13-A:12. Tino Rossi

F-13-B:3. Robert Donat
F-13-B:11. Charles Laughton

F-14-A:1. Dolores Del Rio
F-14-A:2. Dolores Del Rio
F-14-A:3. Boris Karloff
F-14-A:4. Boris Karloff
F-14-A:5. Charles Laughton
F-14-A:6. Charles Laughton
F-14-A:7. Richard Arlen
F-14-A:8. Richard Arlen
F-14-A:9. George Arliss
F-14-A:10. George Arliss
F-14-A:11. Jean Arthur
F-14-A:12. Jean Arthur

F-14-B:1. Richard Arlen
F-14-B:4. George Arliss
F-14-B:8. Glenda Farrell
F-14-B:9. Joan Fontaine

F-15-A:1. Glenda Farrell
F-15-A:2. Glenda Farrell
F-15-A:3. Joan Fontaine
F-15-A:5. Nan Grey
F-15-A:6. Nan Grey
F-15-A:7. Bebe Daniels
F-15-A:9. Richard Dix
F-15-A:10. Richard Dix
F-15-A:11. Madge Evans
F-15-A:12. Madge Evans

F-15-B:5. Madge Evans
F-15-B:6. Madge Evans
F-15-B:10. Ray Milland
F-15-B:12. Cecilia Parker

F-16-A:1. Vivian Leigh
F-16-A:2. Vivian Leigh
F-16-A:4. Ray Milland
F-16-A:6. Cecilia Parker
F-16-A:7. Leo Carrillo
F-16-A:9. Assia Noria
F-16-A:10. Assia Noris
F-16-A:11. Basil Rathbone

F-16-B:5. Basil Rathbone
F-16-B:11. Tito Guizar

F-17-A:1. Adrienne Ames
F-17-A:3. Ida Lupino
F-17-A:4. Ida Lupino
F-17-A:9. Ann Rutherford
F-17-A:10. Ann Rutherford
F-17-A:11. Gloria Stuart

F-17-B:1. Robert Young
F-17-B:3. Ann Rutherford

F-18-A:5. Rosita Moreno
F-18-A:7. Dolores Costello
F-18-A:9. Charles Farrell
F-18-A:10. Charles Farrell
F-18-A:11. Alida Valli
F-18-A:12. Alida Valli

F-19-A:1. Luis Alonso
F-19-A:2. Gilbert Roland
F-19-A:4. Olivia De Havilland
F-19-A:5. Edvige Feulliere
F-19-A:6. Edvige Feulliere
F-19-A:7. John Beal
F-19-A:8. John Beal
F-19-A:10. Marguerite Chapman
F-19-A:11. Edward G. Robinson

F-19-B:3. Marguerite Chapman
F-19-B:5. Marsha Hunt

F-20-A:1. Anton Walbrook
F-20-A:10. Linda Darnell
F-20-A:11. Chester Morris
F-20-A:12. Chester Morris

F-20-B:3. Raimu
F-20-B:10. Jack Oakie

F-21-A:3. Jack Oakie
F-21-A:4. Jack Oakie
F-21-A:5. Peter Lorre
F-21-A:11. Pat O'Brien

F-22-A:1. Norman Foster
F-22-A:2. Norman Foster
F-22-A:3. Una Merkel
F-22-A:5. Cesar Romero
F-22-A:7. Charles Cronwell (Card shows Richard Cromwell)
F-22-A:9. Roland Young
F-22-A:10. Roland Young
F-22-A:11. Jean Hersholt

F-22-B:2. Diana Barrymore
F-22-B:7. Carol Bruce

F-23-A:5. Francis Lederer
F-23-A:9. Vivian Romance
F-23-A:11. Patricia Ellis
F-23-A:12. Patricia Ellis

F-24-A:3. Gino Cervi
F-24-A:9. Jenny Jugo
F-24-A:10. Jenny Jugo

F-25-A:2. Katte Von Nage
F-25-A:6. Ann Sheridan
F-25-A:11. Mae West

F-25-B:8. Virginia Weidler

F-26-A:1. C. Aubrey Smith

F-27-A:5. Jean Murat
F-27-A:8. Henry Garat

G-1:1. Zasu Pitts
G-1:2. Luana Alcanir
G-1:3. Mischa Auer
G-1:4. Francisca Gaal
G-1:5. Lilian Bond
G-1:6. Evelyn Brent
G-1:7. Gail Patrick
G-1:8. Florence Rice
G-1:9. Victor Staal
G-1:10. Johnny Weissmuller
G-1:11. Zarah Leander

G-2:1. Frances Drake
G-2:2. Virginia Grey
G-2:4. Frances Dee
G-2:5. Heather Angel
G-2:6. Betty Grable
G-2:7. Griffith Jones
G-2:8. Meg Lemonnier
G-2:9. Gertrude Michael
G-2:10. Jean Muir
G-2:11. June Lang
G-2:12. Lile Talbot

G-3:1. Reginald Denny
G-3:2. Betty Furness
G-3:3. Mary Glory
G-3:4. Billie Dove
G-3:5. Alice Faye
G-3:6. Ina Claire
G-3:7. Stuart Irwin
G-3:8. Lana Turner
G-3:9. Sally Eilers
G-3:10. Marian Marsh
G-3:11. Ann Dvorack
G-3:12. Agustin Irusta

G-4:1. Enrico Caruso
G-4:2. Otto Kruger
G-4:3. Lynne Carver
G-4:4. June Knight
G-4:5. Lorraine Day
G-4:7. Sonja Henie
G-4:10. Claire Trevor
G-4:11. Charles Rogers
G-4:12. Rochelle Hudson

G-5:1. Lawrence Tibbet
G-5:2. Amanda Duff
G-5:4. Lynne Roberts
G-5:5. Elise Knox
G-5:6. Mary Healy
G-5:7. June Carlson
G-5:8. Dean Jagger
G-5:11. Margeret Lindsay
G-5:12. Kay Walsh

G-6:1. Luis Alberni
G-6:2. Brian Aherne
G-6:5. Michael Whalen
G-6:8. Virginia Gilmore
G-6:9. Robert Shaw
G-6:10. Brenda Joyce
G-6:11. Carmen Miranda
G-6:12. Sidney Toler

G-7:1. John Payne
G-7:2. Ted North
G-7:3. Robert Sterling
G-7:4. Richard Greene
G-7:5. Robert Conway
G-7:6. Marjorie Weaver
G-7:7. Lynn Bari
G-7:8. Gene Tierney
G-7:9. Mary Beth Hughes
G-7:10. Jean Rogers
G-7:11. Nancy Kelly
G-7:12. Judy Canova

G-8:2. Ann Miller
G-8:6. Dorothy Jordan
G-8:7. Kitty Carlisle
G-8:8. Lee Tracy
G-8:12. Katherine DeMille

G-9:2. James Hall
G-9:3. Fay Wray
G-9:4. Charles Morton
G-9:6. Neil Hamilton
G-9:9. Brigitte Helm
G-9:10. Conrad Nagel
G-9:11. Robert Armstrong

G-10:5. W. C. Fields
G-10:7. Gene Autry
G-10:8. Helen Broderick
G-10:9. Margot Grahame
G-10:10. Ben Lyon
G-10:11. John Howard
G-10:12. Victor Jory

G-11:1. Charles Cullins
G-11:2. Mary Martin
G-11:3. Kent Taylor
G-11:4. Annnie Ducaux
G-11:5. Frances Farmer
G-11:6. Andy Devine
G-11:7. Ramon Pereda
G-11:8. Arline Judge
G-11:9. John Arletge
G-11:10. Jane Wyatt
G-11:11. Paula Wesley
G-11:12. Micheline Presle

G-12:1. Frances Langford
G-12:3. Robert Douglas
G-12:5. Anne Rooney
G-12:6. Harriet Hilliard
G-12:7. Teresa Wright
G-12:8. Jane Frazee
G-12:12. Joan Leslie

G-13:8. Preston Foster
G-13:11. Louise Fazenda
G-13:12. Isa Miranda

G-14:10. June Collier
G-14:11. Luisa Brooks (Louise)

H-1:1. Manuel Luna
H-1:2. Manuel Luna
H-1:3. Catalina Barcena
H-1:4. Catalina Barcena
H-1:5. Jose Nieto
H-1:6. Jose Nieto
H-1:7. Antonio Casal
H-1:8. Antonio Casal
H-1:9. Miguel Ligero
H-1:10. Miguel Ligero
H-1:11. Esterellita Castro
H-1:12. Esterellita Castro

H-2:1. Tony D'Algy
H-2:2. Tony D'Algy
H-2:3. Antonita Colome
H-2:4. Antonita Colome
H-2:5. Conchita Montenegro
H-2:6. Conchita Montenegro
H-2:7. Rafael Duran
H-2:8. Rafael Duran
H-2:9. Julio Pena
H-2:10. Julio Pena
H-2:11. Roberto Rey
H-2:12. Roberto Rey

H-3:1. Imperio Argentina
H-3:2. Imperio Argentina
H-3:3. Raquel Rodrigo
H-3:4. Raquel Rodrigo
H-3:5. Celia Gamez
H-3:6. Celia Gamez
H-3:7. Josita Hernan
H-3:8. Josita Hernan
H-3:9. Maria Guerrero-de Mendoza
H-3:10. Maria Guerrero-de Mendoza
H-3:11. Pastora Pena
H-3:12. Pastora Pena

H-4:1. Ana Mariscal
H-4:3. Irene Lopez Heredia
H-4:5. Enrique Guitart
H-4:7. Mariya Tomas
H-4:10. Fernand deGranada

H-5:3. Blanca de Lilos
H-5:8. Alfred Mayo
H-5:10. Lina Yegros
H-5:11. Amparito Rivelles

H-6:6. Ismael Merlo
H-6:7. Maria Lantaolatta
H-6:8. Marta Lantaolalla
H-6:10. Jesus Torsesillas
H-6:12. Alberto Romea

H-7:12. Florencia Becquer

I-1-A:1. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:3. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:4. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:5. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:6. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:7. Jackie Cooper

I-2-A:1. Freddie Bartholomew
I-2-A:7. Jane Withers
I-2-A:9. Jackie Morgan
I-2-A:12. Jackie Coogan

J-1-A:1. Carlos Gardel
J-1-A:4. Carlos Gardel
J-1-A:7. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:8. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:10. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:11. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:12. Carole Lombard

J-2-A:5. Jean Harlow
J-2-A:10. John Barrymore

L-1:1. Max Linder
L-1:3. Joe E. Brown
L-1:4. Will Rogers
L-1:5. Bert Wheeler
L-1:7. Stan Laurel
L-1:8. Oliver Hardy

L-2:2. Jimmy Durante
L-2:9. Slim Summerville
L-2:16. Harry Langdon

M-1:8. Buck Jones
M-1:9. Hoot Gibson

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