ICA Artists Gum Film Stars

Issuing Company: ICA
Country of Issue: Egypt
Year of Issue: 1950s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Thanks to Mikael Hoffsten for providing a card scan and information to get this checklist started. According to Mikael, this set was issued in Egypt, probably in the late 1950s. Thanks to Amit Benyovits for adding many names to the checklist and for adding a scan of the wrapper. According to Amit, he bought some cards from a seller who told him that her dad was in the British Army and would buy these while stationed in Egypt in the 1950s. Thanks also to Ron Strader for additional checklist help.

4. Paulette Goddard
5. Danny Kaye
6. Frank Sinatra
9. Dan Dailey
10. Ingrid Bergman
11. Roy Rogers
12. Marilyn Monroe
13. Elaine Stewart
21. James Mason
22. Barbara Hale
25. Kathryn Grayson
28. Linda Darnell
29. Victor Mature
30. Farley Granger
31. Rex Allan
33. Paul Douglas
35. Rhonda Fleming
37. Rosalind Russell
41. Gregory Peck
47. James Mason
48. Robert Ryan
54. John Hodiak
55. Corinne Calvet
56. Lauren Bacall
58. Jean Simmons
60. Rock Hudson
61. Robert Mitchum - Ann Blyth
62. Joan Crawford
63. Ruth Roman
64. Pier Angeli
67. Esther Williams
71. Cornel Wilde
72. Tony Curtis
73. Gary Cooper
74. Maureen O'Hara
75. Deborah Kerr
76. Elizabeth Taylor
79. Dana Andrews
81. John Derek
82. Roy Rogers
83. Clark Gable
86. Red Skelton
89. Stewart Granger
90. Ricardo Montalban
96. Ann Miller
97. Greer Garson
100. Carolana Turner
101. Leslie Caron
102. Grace Kelly
103. Clara Williams
107. Jean Hagen
111. Amira Amir

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