Issuing Company: Joseph Bardou & Fils
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1926
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 48
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 1/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Cards are blank-backed. Two variations for Valentino have been seen - with and without a first name listed and showing different pictures. These cards are most commonly found unnumbered, but were also issued in a numbered version.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Mike Prior for helping with this checklist.

Renee Adoree
Jean Angelo
Vilma Banky
John Barrymore
Richard Barthelmess
Betty Bronson
Jaque Catelain
Lon Chaney
Charlie Chaplin
Ronald Colman
Jackie Coogan
Dolores Costello
Viola Dana
Marion Davies
Charles Dullin
Douglas Fairbanks
Pauline Frederick
Greta Garbo
John Gilbert and Mae Murray
Lillian Gish
Corinne Griffith
William Hart
Phyllis Hawer
Leatrice Joy
Alice Joyce
Lucienne Legrand
Bessie Love
Ariette Marchal
Racquel Meller
Patsy Ruth Miller
Sandra Milovanoff
Blanche Montel
Antonio Moreno
Ivan Mosjoukine
Pola Negri
Greta Nissen
Silvio de Pedrelli
Yvan Petrovitch
Mary Pickford
Laura LaPlante
Marie Prevost
Rod LaRocque
Gloria Swanson
Constance Talmadge
Norma Talmadge
Valentino (first name not listed)
Rudolf Valentino (first name listed-different picture)
Pearl White
Lois Wilson

Numbered Versions (same cards as unnumbered with numbers added)

1. Greta Garbo
2. Gloria Swanson
3. Antonio Moreno
4. Ronald Colman
5. Pearl White
6. Lucienne Legrande
7. Marie Prevost
8. Pola Negri
9. Jackie Coogan
10. Charlie Chaplin
11. Charles Dullin
13. Alice Joyce
14. Leatrice Joy
15. Pauline Frederick
16. Lilian Gish
17. Douglas Fairbanks
18. Jean Angelo
19. William Hart
20. John Barrymore
21. Ivan Mosjoukine
22. Marion Davies
24. Mary Pickford
25. Lon Chaney
26. Ivan Petrovich
27. Valentino
28. Jaque Catelain
29. Bessie Love
30. Arlette Marchal
31. Betty Bronson
33. Rod La Rocque
34. R. Barthelmess
36. Sylvio de Pedrelli
37. Renee Andree
38. Sandra Milovanoff
39. Blanche Montel
40. Raquel Meller
42. Laura La Plante
43. Greta Nissen
44. Corinne Griffith
45. Viola Dana
46. Vilma Banky
48. John Gilbert et Mae Murray

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