New Idea Gallery of Famous Film Stars

Issuing Company: New Idea Magazine
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue: 1937-1939 (one issued weekly)
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 6 5/8" x 9 5/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These were designed to be cut out of The New Idea magazine from Australia. The two spellings of 20th and Twentieth are listed as they appear on the photo. There are 2 different #73 and #74 If they were issued weekly, and that fits exactly with the dates shown, then the first issue was Friday 4 June 1937.

Thanks to David Elliott for providing the information for this checklist.

2. Ginger Rogers, RKO-Radio Star.
4. Loretta Young, 20th Century-Fox Star.
7. Cary Grant, Columbia Film Actor.
11. Simone Simon, 20th Century-Fox Star. {Dated 13 August 1937}
17. Melvyn Douglas Paramount Star.
18. Dick Powell, Warner Bothers' Star.
25. Anne Shirley, RKO-Radio Star.
26. Burgess Meredith, RKO-Radio Star.
28. Frederic March, Freelance Artist.
30. Joe E. Brown, RKO-Radio Star.
31. Gladys Swarthout, Paramount Star.
32. Annabella, 20th Century-Fox Star. {Dated: "Don't forget to continue this story in January 'Everyday's journal'"
33. Jean Arthur, Columbia Star.
35. Mary Maguire, Warner Brothers' Star.
36. Henry Fonda, Twentieth Century-Fox Star.
38. Ian Hunter, Warner Brothers' Star.
43. Anthony Martin, Twentieth Century-Fox Star.
44. Wayne Morris, RKO-Radio Star. {Dated: "Adventures of Buck Rogers - No. 4 to be on sale after April 1".will be published}
46. Francis Dee, Paramount Star. {Dated: 14 April 1938}
48. James Ellison, Paramount Star.
54. Anita Louise. Warner Brothers' Star. {Dated: 10 June 1938}
55. Pat O'Brien, Warner Brothers' Star. {Dated: 17 June 1938}
57. Janet Gaynor, Twentieth Century-Fox Star.
58. Charles Ruggles, Paramount Star. {Dated: 8 July 1938}
60. Sally Eilers, RKO-Radio Star.{Dated:22 July 1938}
61. Preston Foster, RKO-Radio Star. {Dated: 29 July 1938}
62. Una Merkel. Universal Star.
63. John Barrymore, Paramount Star. {Dated: 12 August 1938}
64. Ralph Bellamy, Columbia Star.
65. Margot Grahame, RKO-Radio Star.
66. Burns and Allan, Paramount Stars.
67. Edward Arnold, Columbia Star. {Dated: 9 September 1938}
73. Prescilla Lane, Warner Brothers' Star.
73. Lola Lane, Warner Brothers' Star.
74. Michael Whalen, 20th Century-Fox Star.
74. Jackie Cooper, Warner Brothers' Star.
75. Glenda Farrell, Warner Brothers' Star.
77. Victor McLaglen, RKO-Radio Star.
81. Francis Lederer. Columbia Star.
86. David Niven, 20th Century-Fox Star.
89. Paul Muni, Warner Brothers' Star.
90. Jane Wyman, Warner Brothers' Star.
91. Patric Knowles, Warner Brothers' Star.
92. Jeffrey Lynn, Warner Brothers' Star.
93. Madeleine Carroll, 20th Century-Fox Star.

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