Picture Show Stamps Who's Who

Issuing Company: Picture Show Magazine
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1931-1935
Color/B&W: B&W (one tone, mostly green tone or brown tone, but also some blue tone and pinkish tone)
Number of Cards in Set: 1757
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Unnumbered. These were issued in 7-card panels printed on a page in each issue of Picture Show Magazine in England in the early 1930s. They were meant to be cut out of the magazine and saved. The promotion started in 1931 and went through 1935, for a total of 251 magazines containing these stamps.

Date information: It will be possible to positively date every card in this set to a particular issue of the magazine on a particular date. This effort has not been undertaken yet. There doesn't seem to be much of a date progression on the stars shown, so I believe this set was created at one time in 1931, but released over time with the issues of the magazine, with some possible minor changes and additions along the way. The set was released alphabetically. There are mostly stars that were popular in 1931, but there were also some stars from the past that were sprinkled in. Because this is such a large set, there are many minor stars that are included that are not seen/seldom seen in other card issues.

Checklist information: This checklist is presented in the order the cards were released. They were released in groups of 7 in approximate alphabetical order. There are some that are a little out of alphabetical order and those are in the checklist below as they were issued instead of in strict alphabetical order.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for providing the information for this checklist.

Jean Acker
Art Acord
Alice Adair
Josephine Adair
Jimmie Adams
Katherine Adams
Renee Adoree

M. Agar-Lyons
Robert Agnew
Pat Aherne
Henry Ainley
Virginia Ainsworth
Spottiswoode Aitken
Maria Alba

Frank Albertson
Joan Alden
Mary Alden
Ben Alexander
Alta Allen

Hugh Allan
Diana Allen
Edith Allen
Jane Allen
Marguerite Allen
Winifred Allen
May Allison

Don Alvarado
Eugenie Amami
Gerald Ames
Robert Ames
Lawrence Anderson
Mary Anderson
Robert Anderson

Fern Andra
Jean Angelo
Andree Anson
Laura Anson
Maclyn Arbuckle
Richard Arlen
George Arliss

Robert Armstrong
George K. Arthur
Jean Arthur
Johnny Arthur
Ruth Ashby
Carl Avramides

Charles Ashton
Nils Asther
Gertrude Astor
Mary Astor
Jane Atherton
Marie Ault
William Austin

Patricia Avery
Marion Aye
Agnes Ayres
Lew Ayres
Ranule Ayrton
Reginald Bach
Hermione Baddeley

Olga Baclanova
King Bagot
Bill Bailey
Leah Baird
Snowy Baker
William Bakewell
Betty Balfour

Mabel Ballin
George Bancroft
Tallulah Bankhead
Monty Banks
Vilma Banky
Theda Bara
Don Barclay

Ben Bard
Norah Baring
T. Roy Barnes
Natli Barr
George Barraud
Nigel Barrie
Cecil Barry

Wesley Barry
John Barrymore
Lionel Barrymore
Richard Barthelmess
Dorothy Bartlam
Jean Bary
Leon Bary

John Bartels
Buzz Barton
Lina Basquette
Miriam Batiste
Warner Baxter
Beverley Bayne
Barbara Bedford

Marjorie Beebe
Sylvia Beecher
Noah Berry
Wallace Beery
Karina Bell
Rex Bell
Madge Bellamy

Lionel Belmore
Alma Bennett
Belle Bennett
Constance Bennett
Enid Bennett
Joan Bennett
Katherine Bennett

Annette Benson
Marjorie Benson
Andre Beranger
Barney Bernard
Eugenie Besserer
Mathew Betz
Kittoria Beveridge

Craig Biddle
Big Boy
Albert Biggs
George A. Billings (as Abraham Lincoln)
Edith Bishop
Charlot Bird
Charles Bickford

Sidney Blackmer
Carlyle Blackwell
R. Henderson Bland
Sally Blane
Raymond Bloomer
Rose Blossom
Ben Blue

Monte Blue
Betty Blythe
Eleanor Boardman
True Boardman
John Boles
Brenda Bond
Carmen Boni

Priscilla Bonner
Joe Bonomo
Edwina Booth
Olive Borden
Eddie Borden
Irene Bordoni
Josephine Borio

Hobart Bosworth
Chili Bouchier
Evelyn Bouchier
Nina Boucicault
Betty Bouton
Clara Bow
John Bowers

Betty Boyd
Dorothy Boyd
William Boyd
Harvey Braban
Sidney Bracey
Maurice Braddell
Virginia Bradford

Jean Bradin
Frank Braidwood
Elizabeth Brant
Aggie Brantford
Mickey Brantford
George Brassard
Sylvia Breamer

John Beeden
Edmund Breese
Evelyn Brent
El Brendel
Colette Brettel
Mary Brian
Fanny Brice

Elga Brink
Dolores Brinkman
Carl Brisson
Estelle Brody
Betty Bronson
Clive Brook
Tyler Brook

Allan Brooks
Louise Brooks
Mary Brough
Joe E. Brown
Johnny Mack Brown
Brownie (dog)
Virginia Bruce

Fritzi Brunette
Winifred Bryson
Jack Buchanan
Buddy (dog)
Buffalo Bill, jun.
Coreen Burford
Dorothy Burgess

Warren Burke
Edmund Burns
Neal Burns
Robert Burns
Clarence Burton
Langhorne Burton
Mae Busch

Anthony Bushell
Francis X. Bushman
Francis X. Bushman, jun.
Lenore Bushman
David Butler
Lawson Butt
Eddie Buzzell

Marion Byron
Walter Byron
Orville Caldwell
Alice Calhoun
Donald Calthrop
Cameo (dog)
Rudolph Cameron

Eddie Cantor
Yakima Canutt
Arthur Edmund Carew
James Carew
Ora Carew
Rita Carewe
Harry Carey

Mario Carillo
Rita Carita
William P. Carleton
Peggy Carlisle
Mary Carlyle
Jewel Carmen
Tullio Carminati

Sue Carol
Constance Carpenter
Francis Carpenter
Cameron Carr
Mary Carr
Tom Carrigan
Nancy Carroll

Georges Carpentier
Madeleine Carroll
Hubert Carter
Kathryn Carver
Maria Casajuana
Dolores Cassinelli
Nancy Caswell

Mrs. Vernon Castle
Barbara Castleton
Walter Catlett
Lina Cavalieri
Paul Cavanagh
Cyril Chadwick
Helene Chadwick

Helen Chandler
Lane Chandler
Lon Chaney
Charlie Chaplin
Sydney Chaplin
Edith Chapman
Charley Chase

Ruth Chatterton
Emile Chautard
George Cheeseboro
Louis Cheung
Maurice Chevalier
Naomi Childers
C. Tilson Chowne

Mady Christians
Rudolph Christians
Ann Christy
Marguerite Churchill
Mary Clare
Ethlyne Claire
Ina Claire

Bernice Claire
Gertrued Claire
Renee Clama
Madelyn Clare
Estelle Clark
George Clark
Marguerite Clark

Harvey Clark
Trilby Clark
Betty Ross Clarke
Mae Clarke
Charles Clary
Ethel Clayton
Marguerite Clayton

Laddie Cliff
Kathleen Clifford
Ruth Clifford
Colin Clive
Andy Clyde
June Clyde
Clifford Cobbe

Joyce Coad
Edmund Cobb
Bill Cody
Lew Cody
Junior Coghlan
Sammy Cohen
Claudette Colbert

Don Coleman
Majel Coleman
Jean Colin
Constance Collier
William Collier, jun.
Kathleen Collins
Ronald Colman

Vincent Coleman
June Collyer
Betty Compson
Fay Compton
Joyce Compton
Juliette Compton
Jackie Coombs

Betty Compton
Charlie Conklin
Chester Conklin
Heinie Conklin
William Conklin
Lige Conley
Edward Connelly

Albert Conti
Thelma Morgan Converse
Jackie Coogan
Clyde Cook
Albert Cooke
Hallam Cooley
Willard Cooley

Gary Cooper
George Cooper
Gladys Cooper
Richard Cooper
Virginia Lee Corbin
Maria Corda
Anne Cornwall

Ricardo Cortez
Dolores Costello
Helene Costello
Maurice Costello
Inez Courtney
Marguerite Courtot
Jane Cowl

Nell Craig
Ward Crane
Alice Crawford
Joan Crawford
Kathryn Crawford
Richard Crawford
Donald Crisp

Josephine Crowell
Dorothy Cummings
Irving Cummings
Lester Cuneo
Pauline Curley
Frank Currier
Bob Custer

Frances Cuyler
Lil Dagover
Antonio d'Algy
Helene D'Algy
Catherine Dale Owen
Dorothy Dalton

Irene Dalton
Hazel Daly
Jane Daly
Lili Damita
Muriel Frances Dana
Viola Dana
Frank Dane

Karl Dane
Viora Daniel
Bebe Daniels
Richard Mickey Daniels
Alexander D'Arcy
Jack Daring
Helen Darling

Roy D'Arcy
Grace Darmond
Vondell Darr
Frankie Darro
John Darrow
Jack Daugherty
A. Bromley Davenport

Dorothy Davenport (Reid)
John Davidson
Lawford Davidson
Max Davidson
Lilian Davies
Marion Davies
Rex Davis

Dolly Davis
Mildred Davis
Grace Davison
Yola D'Avril
Marjorie Daw
Doris Dawson
Ivo Dawson

Miriam Cooper
Alice Day
Edith Day
Joel Day (as Abraham Lincoln)
Juliette Day
Marceline Day
Shannon Day

Lewis Dayton
Dinky Dean
Gillian Dean
Priscilla Dean
Peter Dear
Joyce Dearsley
Nigel De Brulier

Jean De Casilis
Pedro De Cordoba
Frances Dee
Ben Deeley
Sam De Grasse
Philippe De Lacy
Juan De La Cruz

Marguerite De La Motte
Charles Delaney
Claudie Dell
Dlaire De Lorez
Dolores Del Rio
Irene Delroy
William Demarest

Jack Dempsey
Pauline Dempsey
Carol Dempster
Eileen Dennis
Malcolm Denny
Reginald Denny
Joseph Depew

Lya De Putti
Charles De Roche
Flrance Deshon
Gaby Deslys
William Desmond
Xenia Desni
Robert De Vilbias

Dorothy Devore
Elliot Dexter
Mary Dibley
William Dieterle
Marlene Dietrich
Rose Dione
Richard Dix

Beatrice Dominguez
Steve Donoghue
Jack Donovan
Billy Dooley
Lucy Doraine
Mary Doran

Shirley Dorman
Charles Dormer
Marie Doro
Fifi Dorsay
Don Douglas
Lilian Douglas
Marion Douglas

Tom Douglas
Billie Dove
Eddie Dowling
Morton Downey
Louise Dresser
Marie Dressler
Roland Drew

Nancy Drexel
Bernard Dudley
Jack Duffy
Huguette Duflos
Maudie Dunham
Emma Dunn
Marie Dunn

Ivy Duke
Sir Gerald Du Maurier
Dorothy Dunbar
Mary Duncan
Rosetta Duncan
Vivian Duncan
William Duncan

Josephine Dunn
Irene Dunne
Miss Du Pont
Louise De Pre
David Durand
George Duryea
Lorayne Duval

Josephine Earle
Harry Earles
Lorraine Eason
Mary Eaton
Doris Eaton
Helen Jerome Eddy
Cliff Edwards

Henry Edwards
Snits Edwards
Neely Edwards
Sally Eilers
Gosta Ekman
Ruth Elder
Alice Elliott

Frank Elliott
Maxine Elliott
Robert Elliott
Diane Ellis
Paul Ellis
Robert Ellis
Lily Elsie

Isobel Elsom
June Elvidge
Julian Eltinge
Guy Empey
Robert English
Leon Errol

Stuart Erwin
Madge Evans
Maurice Evans
Bessie Eyton
Fabrienne Fabreges
Elinor Fair
Betty Faire

Virginia Brown Faire
Douglas Fairbanks
Douglas Fairbanks, jun.
Flobelle Fairbanks
William Fairbanks
Sydney Fairbrother
Helen Fairwether

Dorothy Fane
Dot Farley
Morgan Farley
Dustin Farnum
Franklyn Farnum
William Farnum
Geraldine Farrar

Charles Farrell
Wiliam Faversham
George Fawcett
Frank Fay
Julia Faye
Louis Fazenda
Fritz Feld

Rockcliffe Fellowes
Leslie Fenton
Al Ferguson
Elsie Ferguson
Helen Ferguson
Audrey Ferris
Stepin Fetchit

Elinor Field
W. C. Fields
Clyde Fillmore
Flora Finch
James Finlayson
Margarita Fischer
George Fisher

Cissie Fitzgerald
Emily Fitzroy
Ian Fleming
Bramwell Fletcher
Bess Flowers
Edna Flugrath
Maurice B. Flynn

Rita Flynn
Sydney Folker
Ralph Forbes
Francis Ford
Harrison Ford
James Ford
Betty Francisco

Walter Forde
Ann Forrest
Allan Forrest
Mabel Forrest
Darrell Foss
Hebden Foster
Helen Foster

Norman Foster
Earle Fox
Johnny Fox
Lucy Fox
Reginald Fox
Sidney Fox
Virginia Fox

C. V. France
Alec B. Francis
Kay Francis
Noel Francis
Betty Francisco
Agnes Franey
Billy Franey

Alec Fraser
Robert Fraser
Blanche Frederiel
Pauline Frederick
William Freshman
Charles K. French
Trixie Friganza

Willy Fritsch
Gustav Frolich
Werner Fuetterer
Dale Fuller
Leslie Fuller
Marry Fuller
Clark Gable

Jacqueline Gadsden
Vladimir Gaidarow
Ray Gallagher
Skeets Gallagher
Tom Gallery
Mary Garden
Shayle Gardner

Pauline Garon
John Garrick
Janet Gaynor
Clarence Geldart
Pierre Gendron
Alice Gentle
John George

Maude George
Carmelita Geraghty
Charles Gerrard
Douglas Gerrard
Gene Gerrard
Teddy Gerrard
Hoot Gibson

Vivian Gibson
Wynne Gibson
John Gilbert
Basil Gill
Claude Gillingwater
Fred Gilman
Douglas Gilmore

Aime Simon Girard
Dorothy Gish
Lillian Gish
Gaston Glass
James Gleason
Russell Gleason
J. Frank Glendon

Alf Goddard
Dagmar Godowsky
Carol Goodner
Harold Goodwin
Bernard Gorcey
Julia Swayne Gordon
Huntly Gordon

Gavin Gordon
Vera Gordon
Barbara Gott
Gibson Gowland
Mona Goya
Margot Grahame
Albert Gran

Bertram Grassby
Bunny Grauer
Ralph Graves
Cesare Gravina
Alexander Gray
Eve Gray
Gilda Gray

Lawrence Gray
Iris Gray
Judd Green
Harry Green
Mitzi Green
Charlotte Greenwood
Anne Grey

Dolly Grey
Gloria Grey
Lita Grey
Eddie Gribbon
Harry Gribbon
Corinne Griffith
Raymond Griffith

Gordon Griffith
Russell Griffin
George Grossmith
Fred Groves
Bruce Guerin
Sisters "G"

Dorothy Gulliver
George Hackathorne
Raymond Hackett
Frank Hagney
Liane Haid
William Haines
Adeline Hayden Coffin

Alan Hale
Creighton Hale
Georgia Hale
Dorothy Hall
Ella Hall
Lillian Hall
Lilian Hall-Davis

James Hall
Winter Hall
C. M. Hallard
John Halliday
Gladys Hamer
Edith Haller
Frances Hamilton

Hale Hamilton
John Hamilton
Lloyd Hamilton
Mahlon Hamilton
Neil Hamilton
Elaine Hammerstein
Harriet Hammond

Kay Hammond
Hope Hampton
Mae Hanbury
Juanita Hansen
Lars Hansen
Carl Harbord
Ann Harding

Lyn Harding
Sam Hardy
Gordon Harker
Kenneth Harlan
Otis Harlan
Jean Harlow
Ralt Harolde

Mildred Harris
John Harron
Neal Hart
Sunshine Hart
W. S. Hart
Sir John Martin Harvey
Lilian Harvey

Olive Hasbrouck
Jean Haskell
Jenny Hasselquist
Peggie Hathaway
Dick Hatton
Raymond Hatton
Phyllis Haver

Wanda Hawley
David Hawthorne
Mary Hay
Sussue Hayakawa
Helen Hayes
Frank Hayes
Richard Headrick

Edward Hearn
Stanton Heck
Ivan Hedquist
O. P. Heggie
Brigitte Helm
Dell Henderson
Gale Henry

Leslie Henson
Holmes Herbert
Aggie Herring
Nan Herriott
Ruth Hiatt
Jean Hersholt
Seymour Hicks

Walter Hiers
Doris Hill
Josephine Hill
Kathryn Hill
Thelma Hill
Johnny Hines
Betsy Ann Hisle

Rose Hobart
Hayford Hobbs
Jack Hobbs
Otto Hoffman
Arthur Hohl
Thomas Holden
John Holland

Alice Hollister
Ruth Holly
Helen Holmes
Leon Holmes
Phillips Holmes
Stuart Holmes
Taylor Holmes

Sigrid Holmquist
Evelyn Holt
Jack Holt
Tenen Holtz
Miriam Hopkins
Gloria Hope
Gordon Hopkirk

Hedda Hopper
Violet Hopson
Camilla Horn
Clara Horton
Edward Everett Horton
Newton House
Frances Howard

Constance Howard
Leslie Howard
Lionelle Howard
Sydney HOward
Lettice Howell
Bobby Howes
Reed Howes

Jobyna Howland
Jack Hoxie
Arthur Hoyt
Reata Hoyt
Rochelle Hudson
Gareth Hughes
Leonora Hughes

Lloyd Hughes
Jack Hulbert
Gladys Hulette
H. Humberston Wright
Benita Hume
Marjorie Hume
Fred Humes

Victor Humphrey
William Humphrey
Glenn Hunter
Ian Hunter
Brandon Hurst
Paul Hurst
Ruth Hurst

Madeleine Hurlock
Walter Huston
Charles Hutchinson
Harold Huth
Lucille Hutton
Leila Hyams
Warren Hymer

Olaf Hytten
Ralph Inee
Francis Innya
Robin Irvine
Mary Jane Irving
Mary Ann Jackson
Peaches Jackson

Thomas Jackson
Gardner James
Leon Janney
William Janney
Emil Jannings
Dorothy Janis
Elsie Janis

Isabel Jeans
Ursula Jeans
De Witt Jennings
Gladys Jennings
Eulalie Jensen
George Jessel
Emory Johnson

Kay Johnson
Mrs. Martin Johnson
Pauline Johnson
Mr. Martin Johnson
Julanne Johnston
Justine Johnstone
Al Jolson

Dorothy Jordan
Leatrice Joy
Alice Joyce
Natalie Joyce
Peggy Hopkins Joyce
Arline Judge
Jenny Jugo

Diana Kane
Armand Kaliz
Gail Kane
Helen Kane
Boris Karloff
Roscoe Karns

Joshua Kean
Raymond Keane
Allen Kearns
Buster Keaton
Cornelius Keefe
Malcolm Keen
Hamilton Keene

Tom Keene
Donald Keith
Ian Keith
Kitty Kelly
Matty Kemp
Henry Kendall
Madge Kennedy

Merna Kennedy
Tom Kennedy
Colin Kenny
Barbara Kent
Crauford Kent
Larry Kent
Doris Kenyon

Fred Kerr
Geoffrey Kerr
Warren Kerrigan
Norman Kerry
Guy Kibbee
Joseph Kilgour
Carlotta King

Charles King
Dennis King
Marjorie King
Ruth King
Mona Kingsley
Natalie Kingston
Winifred Kingston

David Kirby
Alexander Kirkland
James Kirkwood
Rudolph Klein Rogge
Evalyn Knapp
James Knight
Lydia Knott

Fred Kohler
John Kolb
Scott Kolk
Phyllis Konstam
Mary Kernman
Theodore Kosloff
Kenneth Kove



Rod La Rocque
Laurel and Hardy (Stan Laurel)
Laurel and Hardy (Oliver Hardy)


Davey Lee


Lila Lee
Herry Leidtke
Frank Leigh
Lillianne Leighton
Barbara Leonard
Eddie Leonard
George Lewis

Katherine Lewis
Mitchell Lewis
Ralph Lewis
Sheldon Lewis
Vera Lewis
Winnie Lightner
Beatrice Lillie

Caryl Lincoln
Myrtle Lind
Eric Linden
Ivan Linow
Leon M. Lion
Francis Lister
Lucien Littlefield

Sam Livesey
Margaret Livingston
Doris Lloyd
Harold Lloyd
Joan Lockton
John Loder
Lotti Loder

Jeanette Loff
Cissie Loftus
Jacqueline Logan
Carold Lombard
Babe London
Sally Long
Walter Long

Long and Short
Long and Short
John Longden
Robert Loraine
Louise Lorraine
Frank Losee
Ernie Lotinga

Anita Louise
Bessie Love
Montagu Love
Edmund Lowe
Helen Joan Lowell
Myrna Loy
Nick Lucas

Barbara Luddy
Jack Luden
Bela Lugosi
Paul Luguet
Andre Lukas
Alfred Lust
Stanley Lupino

Nola Luxford
Viola Lyel
Jacquie Lyn
Helen Lynch
Moira Lynd
Elinor Lynn
Ralph Lynn

Sharon Lynn
Ben Lyon
Bert Lytell
Wilfred Lytell
Phillis Lytton
June MacCloy
Francis MacDonald

Jeanette Macdonald
Wallace Macdonald
Melbourne MacDowell
Charles Mack
Helen Mack
Robert Mack
Douglas Maclean

Mary Maberry
Dorothy Mackaill
Aline MacMahon
Jerry Madden
Mae Madison
Lauderdale Maitland
Fred Malatesta

Lana Malena
Leo Maloney
Miles Mander
Jerry Mandi
Hank Mann
Margaret Mann
Cecil Mannering

David Manners
Ladi Diana Manners (Duff-Cooper)
Marcia Manners
Lya Mara
Fredric March
Charlotte Marion
Edna Marion

George Marion
June Marlowe
Percy Marmont
Mona Maris
Sari Maritza
Moore Marriott
Garry Marsh

Joan Marsh
Mae Marsh
Marion Marsh
Everett Marshall
Herbert Marshall
Tully Marshall
Edward Martindel

Chico Marx
Groucho Marx
Harpo Marx
Zeppo Marx
Dan Mason
Haddon Mason
Le Roy Mason

Shirley Mason
Jessie Matthews
Lester Matthews
Cyril Maude
Joan Maude
Dorgean Maule
Gerda Maurus

Marilyn Mawn
Ann May
Betty May
Edna May
Marion May
Ken Maynard
Fred Mayo

Donald McArdle
May McAvoy
Micky McBan
Gerald McCarthy
June McCloy
Gladys McConnell
Gertrude McCoy

Tim McCoy
Joel McCrea
Philo McCullough
J. Farrell McDonald
Kenneth McDonald
Claire McDowell
Moyna McGill

Walter McGrail
Malcolm McGregor
Kathryn McGuire
Frank McHugh
Burr McIntosh
Raymond McKee
Kenneth McKenna

Florine McKinney
Cyril McLaglen
Kenneth McLaglen
Victor McLaglen
Gibb McLaughlin
Doris McMahon
Gus McNaughton

Dorothy McNulty
Margery Meadows
Jack Meehan
George Meeker
Blanche Mehaffey
Thoams Meighan
Raquel Meller

Pina Menichelli
Jola Mendez
Adolphe Menjou
Beryl Mercer
Jane Mercer
Una Merkel
Charlotte Merriam

Frank Merrill
Walter Merrill
Violet Mersereau
Buddy Messenger
Gertrude Messinger
George Metaxa
John Miljan

Ray Milland
Helen Millard
Baby Louise Miller
Carl Miller
Hugh Miller
Marilyn Miller
Patsy Ruth Miller

Ruby Miller
Alyce Mills
Marilyn Mills
Billy Milton
Tom Mix
Henry Mollison
William V. Mong

Bull Montana
Conchita Montenegro
"Baby" Peggy Montgomery
Robert Montgomery
Colleen Moore
Dickie Moore
Eva Moore

Grace Moore
Matt Moore
Owen Moore
Pat Moore
Tom Moore
Natalie Moorhead
George Moran




Paul Muni

Jean Murat
Edna Murphy
Joe Murphy
Katherine Murphy
Charlie Murray
James Murray
John T. Murray


Conrad Nagel
Nita Naldi
Marguerite Namara
Owen Nares
Nancy Nash
Anna Neagle

Bernard Nedell
Pola Negri
James Neill
Cathleen Nesbitt
Guy Newall
Mary Newcomb
David Newell

Mary Newland
Anna O. Nilsson
Greta Nissen
Marion Nixon
Mary Nolan
Gertrude Norman
Josephine Norman

Barry Norton
Betty Norton
Edgar Norton
Eille Norwood
Ramon Novarro
Ivor Novello
Edward Nugent

Elliott Nugent
Carroll Nye
Jack Oakie
Vivian Oakland
Wheeler Oakman
Robert Ober
Eugene O'Brien

George O'Brien
Jack O'Brien
Pat O'Brien
Tom O'Brien
R. E. O'Connor
Molly O'Day
Peggy O'Day

Mary Odette
Vivian Ogden
James Ogle
George O'Hara
Warner Oland
Edna May Oliver
Laurence Olivier

Sally O'Neill
Kathleen O'Regan
William Orlamond
Baby Marie Osborne
Vivienne Osborne
Danny O'Shea
Maureen O'Sullivan

Ossi Oswalda
Our Gang: - Sherwood Bailey, Jun., "Spud"
Matthew Beard, "Stymie"
Tommy Bond
Dorothy de Borba, "Echo"
Bobby Hutchings, "Wheezer"

Catherine Dale Owen
Reginald Owen
Seena Owen
Monroe Owsley
Anita Page
Paul Page
Eugene Pallette

Gina Palerme
Corliss Palmer
Mimi Palmieri
Franklin Pangborn
Paul Panzer
Jean Parker
Dita Parlo

Paul Parrott
Kalla Pasha
Walter Patch
Pat Paterson
Gail Patrick
John Patrick
Elizabeth Patterson

Fred Paul
Doris Pawn
Douglas Payne
Kim Peacock
Joan Peers
Edward Peil
Harry Peil

Ann Pennington
David Percy
Eileen Percy
Jack Perrin
Kathryn Perry
Margaret Perry
House Peters

Pauline Peters
Dorothy Peterson
Hay Petrie
Ivan Petrovitch
Frank Pettingell
Buster Phelps
Mary Philbin

Nancy Phillips
Carmen Phillips
Dorothy Phillips
Eddie Phillips
Fatty Phillips
Sally Phipps
Irving Pichel

Mary Pickford
Walter Pidgeon
Evelyn Pierce
Zasu Pitts
Hay Plumb
Daphne Pollard
Snub Pollard

Paul Porcasi
Henny Porten
Victor Potel
Mabel Poulton
Dick Powell
Russ Powell
William Powell

Lucille Powers
Purnell Pratt
Arline Pretty
Marie Prevost
Kate Price
Nancy Price
Aileen Pringle

Lucien Prival
Jed Prouty
Charles Puffy
Irene Purcell
Edna Purviance
Arthur Pusey
Nina Quartero

Eddie Quillan
Margaret Quimby
Medea Radrina
George Raft
James Raglan
Jack Raine
Fred Rains

Esther Ralston
Jobyna Ralston
Marjorie Rambeau
Natacha Rambova
Sally Rand
Elsie Randolph
Arthur Rankin

E. J. Ratcliffe
Basil Rathbone
Gregory Ratoff
Gerald Rawlinson
Herbert Rawlinson
Allene Ray
Charles Ray

Mona Ray
Rene Ray
Gene Raymond
Fred Raynham
Donald Reed
Florence Reed
Frank Reicher

Duncan Renaldo
Vera Reynolds
Tom Reynolds
Dorothy Revier
Georges Renavent
James Rennie
Irene Rich

Lillian Rich
Viola Richard
Harry Richman
Warner Richmond
Mona Rico
Fritzi Ridgeway
Leni Reifenstahl

Walter Rilla
Cyril Ring
Ray Ripley
Cyril Ritchard
Billie Ritchie
Bert Roach
Andre Roanne

Jason Robards
Lyda Roberti
Edith Roberts
Jerrold Robertshaw
Willard Robertson
George Robey
Edward G. Robinson

John Roche
Charles Rogers
Ginger Rogers
Will Rogers
Gilbert Roland
Ruth Roland
David Rollins

Stewart Rome
Mickey Rooney
Buddy Roosevelt
Ann Rork
Mary Rorke
Rose Rosanova
Alan Roscoe

Julian Rose
Dolores Rousse
Lillian Roth
Betty Ross Clarke
Bodil Rosing
Milton Rosmer
Iris Rowe

Helen Rowland
Christian Rub
Jose Ruben
Benny Rubin
Charlie Ruggles
Babe Ruth
John Sainpolis

Chic Sale
Virginia Sale
Monroe Salisbury
Jillian Sande
Loretta Sayers
Audree Sayre
Robert Schable

Betty Schade
Hans Schlettow
Joseph Schildkraut
Fred Scott
Gregory Scott
Randolph Scott
Dorothy Seacombe

Jackie Searl
Dorothy Seastrom
Dorothy Sebastian
Margaret Seddon
Eileen Sedgewick
Josie Sedgwick
Miriam Seegar

Vivienne Segal
Bernard Seigel
Charles Sellon
Clarissa Selwyn
Ethel Shannon
Peggy Shannon
Reginald Sharland

Brinsley Shaw
Oscar Shaw
Norma Shearer
Hal Sherman
Lowell Sherman
J. Barney Sherry
Marion Shilling

Gertrude Short
Constance Shotter
Winifred Shotter
Gus Shy
Nadia Siberskaia
Betty Siddons
George Sidney

Sylvia Sidney
Allan Simpson
Russell Simpson
Sisters G
Sisters G
Hal Skelly
Otis Skinner

Alison Skipworth
Martha Sleeper
Olive Sloane
Phillips Smalley
C. Aubrey Smith
Stanley Smith

Magda Sonja
Ann Sothern
Nicholas Soussanin
Eve Southern
Ned Sparks
Billy Speechley

Enid Stamp-Taylor
Joan Standing
Percy Standing
Wyndham Standing
Forrest Stanley
Frank Stanmore
Barbara Stanwyck

Pauline Starke
Frances Starr
Sally Starr
Charles Starrett
Vera Steadman
Lincoln Stedman
Myrtle Stedman

Bob Steele
Anna Sten
Leni Stengel
Henry Stephenson
John Steppling
Ford Sterling
Charlotte Stevens

Onslow Stevens
Anita Stewart
Athole Stewart
George Stewart
Lucille Lee Stewart
Al. St. John
Betty Stockfeld

Arthur Stone
George E. Stone
Lewis Stone
Philip Strange
Joseph Striker
Donald Stuart
Gloria Stuart

Jeanne Stuart
John Stuart
Madge Stuart
Nick Stuart
Harry Stuart
Julie Suedo
Margaret Sullavan

Billy Sullivan
Slim Summerville
Sunshine Sammy
Patrick Susands
Dick Sutherland
Mack Swain
Gloria Swanson

Blanche Sweet
Harry Sweet
Joseph Swickard
Nora Swinburne
Vesta Sylva
Lyle Talbot
Constance Talmadge

Natalie Talmadge
Norma Talmadge
Richard Talmadge
Alma Taylor
Avonne Taylor
Estelle Taylor
Kent Taylor

Ruth Taylor
Frances Teague
Conway Tearle
Godfrey Tearle
Verree Teasdale
Alma Tell
Olive Tell

Lou Tellegen
Barbara Tennant
Walter Tennyson
Ellaline Terriss
Norma Terriss
Alice Terry
Don Terry

Ethelind Terry
Harry Terry
Sheila Terry
Heather Thatcher
Ernest Thesiger
Helga Thomas
Jameson Thomas

Jane Thomas
John Charles Thomas
Duane Thompson
Lotus Thompson
Kenneth Thomson
Sybil Thorndike
Lawrence Tibbett

Edna Tichenor
Fay Tincher
Genevieve Tobin
Malcolm Tod
Ann Todd
Lola Todd
Thelma Todd

Sidney Toler
Franchot Tone
Jean Tolley
Regis Toomey
Lia Tora
David Torrence
Raquel Torres

Lupita Tovar
Genevieve Townsend
J. R. Tozer
Lee Tracy
Spencer Tracy
Richard Travers
Luis Trenker

Austin Trevor
Claire Trevor
Jack Trevor
Arthur Trimball
Youcca Troubetzkoy
Ernest Truex
Glenn Tryon

Olga Tschechowa
Richard Tucker
Sophie Tucker
Gene Tunney
Florence Turner
Ben Turpin
Helen Twelvetrees

Two Black Crows (George Moran)
Two Black Crows (Charles Mack)
Tom Tyler
Lenore Ulric
Peter Upcher
Lester Vail
Vola Vale

Rudy Vallee
Edward Van Sloan
Virginia Vanee
Victor Varconi
Kathleen Vaughan
Alberta Vaughn
Michael Vavitch

Conrad Veidt
Lupe Velez
Evelyn Venable
Amy Veness
Jerry Verno
Pobby Vernon
Suzy Vernon

Henry Vibart
Myrtle Vibart
Henry Victor
Florence Vidor
Vonceil Viking
Paul Vincenti
Margeret Vines

Helen Vinson
Theodore von Eltz
Gustav von Seyffertitz
Eric von Stroheim
Judith Vosselli
Hugh Wakefield
Arthur Walcott

Johnnie Walker
June Walker
Walter Walker
Richard Walling
William Walling
Tom Walls
George Walsh

Polly Walters
H. B. Walthall
Warwick Ward
Helen Ware
Leslie Wareing
H. B. Warner
Raoul Walsh

E. Alyn Warren
Robert Warwick
Bryant Washburn
Linda Watkins
Dodo Watts
Leon Waycoff
John Wayne

Maud Wayne
Fay Webb
Barbara Weeks
Johnny Weissmuller
Niles Welch
Harry Welchman
Nancy Welford

Ted Wells
Jane Welsh
Mae West
Ruth Weston
Winifred Westover
Bert Wheeler
Alice White

Chrissie White
Fisher White
Leo White
Marjorie White
Pearl White
Paul Whiteman
Jack Whiting

Lloyd Whitlock
Walt Whitman
Dorothea Wieck
Henry Wilcoxon
Wanda Wiley
Warren William
Emlyn Williams

Eric Bransby Williams
Guinn Williams
Hugh Williams
Kathlyn Williams
Sunday Wilshin
Dorothy Wilson
Lois Wilson

Tom Wilson
Claire Windsor
Winna Winfried
Ah Wing
Godfrey Winn
Laska Winter
Jane Winton

Vivian Winslow
Grant Withers
Anna May Wong
Arthur Wontner
Judith Wood
Dorothy Woods
Edward Woods

Ena Wood-Sims
Harry Woodward
Robert Woolsey
Barbara Worth
Helen Lee Worthing
Fay Wray
Haidee Wright

Helen Wright
Hugh E. Wright
Humberston Wright
Dennis Wyndham
Joan Wyndham
Edward Wynne
May Wynn

Jane Wyatt
Diana Wynyard
Clara Kimball Young
Loretta Young
Polly Ann Young
Robert Young
Roland Young

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