Felix Potin Collection (1952)

Issuing Company: Felix Potin
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue: 1952
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 210 (200 smaller size cards, 10 larger size cards)
Card Size: 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"; album pages approximately 9 1/4" x 13 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Blank-backed. Unnumbered. In addition to film stars, this set has many other subsets including boxers, Olympic athletes, explorers, writers, skiers, tennis, rowers, auto racing, fencing, judo, rugby, football, track, inventors, painters, army and marine, clergy and royalty. There was an album issued with this set and each page contains spaces for cards of a particular subset.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

Film Stars

Charlot Dans Son Film "Les Temps Modernes" (larger size card)
Andre Clayeau
Gary Cooper
Bing Crosby
Danielle Darrieux
Andre Dassary
Claude Dauphin
Betty Davis
Josette Day
Suzy Delair
Daniele Delorme
Jean Dessailly
Sophie Desmarets
Gabrielle Dorziat
Jacques Dumesnil
Maurice Escande
Lily Fayol
Edwige Feuillere
Errol Flynn
Pierre Fresnay
Jean Gabin
Clark Gable
Greer Garson
Daniel Gelin
Fernand Gravey
Georges Guetary
Sacha Guitry
Olivia de Havilland
Rita Hayworth
Katharine Hepburn
Jouis Jouvet
Odette Joyeux
Robert Lamoureux
Fernand Ledoux
Vivian Leigh
Serge Lifar
Andre Luguet
Jean Marais
Georges Marchal
Luis Mariano
Jean Marsac
Armand Mestral
Yves Montand
Michele Morgan
Pierre Renoir
Dany Robin
Madelaine Robinson
Tino Rossi
Raymond Rouleau
Michel Simon
Gloria Swanson
Ludmilla Tcherina
Charles Trenet
Georges Ulmer
Henri Vidal
Orson Welles
Esther Williams
Eric Von Stroheim

Musicions and Composers

Orchestre Symphonique (larger size card)
Louis Armstrong
Roberto Benzi
Arthur Honnegger
Jacques Ibert
Darius Milhaud
Charles Munch
Francis Poulenc
Paul Paray
Serger Prokofiev
Henri Sauguet
Igor Stravinsky
Jacques Thibaud
Arturo Toscanini

Boxers and other Fighters

Un Direct De Cerdan (larger size card)
Marcel Cerdan
Laurent Dauthuille
Ray Famechon
Charles Humez
Jack La Motta
Joe Louis
Claude Milazzo
Ray Sugar Robinson
Robert Villemain
Charles Rigoulot
Guy Verrier

Painters and Sculptors

Villa Medicis (larger size card)
Georges Braque
Marc Chagall
Salvador Dali
Raoul Dufy
Fernand Leger
Henri Matisse
Orthon Friesz
Pablo Picasso
Georges Rouault
Maurice Utrillo
Van Dongen

Members of the Clergy and Foreign Leaders

Saint-Pierre-De-Rome (larger size card)
Baudouin 1er de Belgique
Pasteur Boegner
Charlotte de Luxembourg
Elizabeth II D'Angleterre
Frederic IX de Danemark
Monsiegneur Gerlier
Gustave VI de Suede
Haakon de Norvege
Juliana de Hollande
Rabbin Kaplan
Paul 1er de Grece
S. S. Pie XII
Rainier III De Monaco
Cardinal Spelmann

Explorers and Aviators

Le Pole Nord (larger size card)
Mme. Paul Auriol
Maryse Bastie
Jacques Chegaray
Pierre Clostermann
Rene Ferlet
Maurice Herzog
Louis Lachenal
Yves Le Toumelin
Henry Lothe
Jean Mermoz
Roger Sauvage
Lionel Terray
General Valin
Paul-Emile Victor


Jean Anouilh
Marcel Ayme
Albert Camus
Paul Claudel
Jean Cocteau
Georges Duhamel
Paul Fort
Andre Gide
Francoise Mauriac
Andre Maurois
Jules Romains
J.-P. Sartre
Paul Valery


Stade D'Helsiniki (larger size card)
Etienne Bally
Martin Du Gard
Patrick El-Mabrouk
Gunder Haegg
Marcel Hansenne
Ignace Heinrich
Jules Ladoumegue
Micheline Ostermeyer
Thiam Papa Gallo
Gaston Reiff
Victor Sillon
Lennart Strand
Rene Valmy
Jean Vernier

Cyclists - Soccer Players - Rugby Players

Les Geants De La Route (larger size card)
Jean Baratte
Gino Bartali
Louison Bobet
Antoine Bonifaci
Fausto Coppi
Antoine Cuissard
Hugo Koblet
Ferdi Kubler
Michel Pomathios
Jean Prat
Jean Robic
Rick Van Steenbergen
Rene Vignal

Olympic Games

Jean Lauydet et Georges Turlier (larger size card)
Jose Barthel
Jean Boiteux
Gilbert Bozon
Christian D'Oriola
Jonqueres D'Oriola
Jacqueline Du Bief
Guy Lefrant
Bob Mathias
Gaston Mercier
Alain Mimoun
Mady Moreau
Raymond Salles
Jo Vantaja
Emile Zatopek

Rowing - Swimming - Skiing - Tennis

Outrigger en Action (larger size card)
Emile Allais
Jo Bernardo
Jean Borotra
James Coutet
Bernard Destremeau
Aldo Eminente
Alex Jany
Henri Oreiller
Nicole Pelissard
Paul Remy
Frank Sedgman
Jean Sepheriades
Suzanne Thioliere

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