Issuing Company: Jose Puig, probably others
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 45
Card Size: 2 13/16" x 3 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Serie A contains 22 cards. Serie B contains 23 cards. It looks like the fronts are the same for all the brands, but the numbering may be different for some of the brands.

This set was issued with multiple different backs. Backs seen:

El Faro
Chocolates Guillen
Los Importadores
Perla de Levante
Chocolates Riucord
Blank Back rubber stamped with Jose Puig

A3. Frank Mayo
A8. Agnes Ayres
A14. Raquel Meller
A16. Jackie Coogan
A17. J. Warren Kerrigan
A18. May McAvoy
A22. Ramon Novarro

B1. John Gilbert
B2. Corinne Griffith
B3. Edmund Lowe
B4. George Walsh
B5. Bryant Washburn
B6. Flaro Le Breton
B7. Barbara LaMarr
B8. Gladys Cooper
B9. Max Linder
B10. Katherine MacDonald
B11. Edna Best
B12. William Russell
B13. Mahlon Hamilton
B14. John Gilbert
B15. Raquel Meller
B16. Bryant Washburn
B17. May McAvoy
B17. Alice Terry
B18. Rod La Rocque
B19. Jackie Coogan
B21. Rex Ingram
B23. Nita Naldi

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