Tobacco Products Corp. Film Stars (C142 Strollers Canada)

Issuing Company: Tobacco Products Corp.
Country of Issue: Canada
Year of Issue: 1922-1924
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 280
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: The American Card Catalog number for this set is C142.

This set was not issued all at once, it was issued in groups as follows:

The first 220 cards appear to have the same numbers as the American Stroller cards. The backs are different, but that is all. Numbers 221-280 have not been seen in the American Stroller cards, but were issued as strip cards in the USA.

The backs mention an album that can be sent for to hold the cards. The album exists, and is in black with gold lettering. It measures 12 3/4" across and 8" tall. The album holds 10 cards per page, in two rows of 5. There are 10 gold rectangles per page, and these are meant to frame the cards when they are pasted into the album. The cards were meant to be pasted in. There are 12 pages to hold 120 cards.

Mack Sennett actress identifications are courtesy of Mack Sennett experts Steve Rydzewski and Harry Garvin.

Strollers put out a bunch of newspaper advertising to support their movie star cards and their cigarettes while these cards were being issued. Click the small picture above to view a Canadian newspaper ad for Stroller's cigarettes from January 16, 1923 discussing a limerick contest involving the movie star cards. Another newspaper ad from March 1924 refers to another contest and encourages movie star card trading. Thanks to Bobby Burrell for providing these ads.

Date info: The Canadian newspaper ad indicates these cards were being issued in early 1923. It is likely they were first introduced a little before that, probably in late 1922. They were still being issued in 1924 (possibly the higher numbers by that time), and the large cards were being issued then, too, as indicated by a 1924 newspaper ad.

Thanks to Bobby Burrell, Steve Rydzewskik, Harry Garvin, Richard Minns, and Ron Strader for helping with this checklist.

1. William S. Hart
2. Dorothy Dalton
3. Patsy Ruth Miller
4. Bebe Daniels
5. Barbara LaMarr
6. Helene Chadwick
7. Thomas Meighan
8. Pola Negri
9. Leatrice Joy
10. Ann Forest
11. Norman Kerry
12. Matt Moore
13. Lionel Barrymore
14. Wallace Reid
15. Jack Holt
16. T. Roy Barnes
17. Elliott Dexter
18. Herbert Rawlinson
19. Theodore Roberts
20. Colleen Moore
21. Agnes Ayres
22. Kathlyn Williams
23. Gareth Hughes
24. Mildred Harris
25. Lois Wilson
26. David Powell
27. Ethel Clayton
28. Marc McDermott
29. Jack Mulhall
30. Edith Roberts
31. Mary Miles Minter
32. Anna Q. Nilsson
33. Wanda Hawley
34. Mary Glynne
35. Gloria Swanson
36. Constance Binney
37. Seena Owen
38. Clarence Burton
39. Lila Lee
40. Julia Faye
41. May McAvoy
42. Cullen Landis
43. Alice Brady
44. Walter Hiers
45. Conrad Nagel
46. Betty Compson
47. William L. Boyd
48. James Kirkwood
49. Monte Blue
50. Milton Sills
51. Lois Lee
52. Viola Dana
53. Nazimova
54. Alice Lake
55. Alice Terry
56. Mae Murray
57. Ramon Samanegos (Ramon Novarro before name change)
58. Stuart Holmes
59. Edward Connelly
60. Rodolph Valentino
61. Jack Mulhall
62. Bert Lytell
63. Lloyd Hughes
64. Guy Bates Post
65. Mabel Normand
66. Claire Windsor
67. Miriam Cooper
68. Phyllis Haver
69. Richard Headrick
70. Hope Hampton
71. Jackie Coogan
72. Wesley Barry
73. Constance Talmadge
74. Louise Huff
75. Madge Bellamy
76. Mildred June
77. Norma Talmadge
78. Dorothy Phillips
79. Katherine MacDonald
80. Harrison Ford
81. Ben Turpin
82. Richard Barthelmess
83. Anita Stewart
84. Marguerite De La Motte
85. Theodore Kosloff
86. Reginald Denny
87. George Walsh
88. Frank Mayo
89. Hoot Gibson
90. Art Acord
91. Louise Lorraine
92. Marie Prevost
93. Mary Philbin
94. Priscilla Dean
95. Buster Keaton
96. Gladys Walton
97. Gertrude Olmstead
98. Miss du Pont
99. Charles S. Chaplin
100. Edna Purviance
101. William S. Hart
102. Anita Stewart
103. Wesley Barry
104. Geraldine Farrar
105. Buster Keaton
106. May Allison
107. Will Rogers
108. Pearl White
109. Jackie Coogan
110. Dorothy Dalton
111. Tom Moore
112. Shirley Mason
113. Theodore Roberts
114. Eva Novak
115. Thomas Meighan
116. Bessie Barriscale
117. George Beban
118. Kathlyn Williams
119. Mabel Normand
120. Sessue Hayakawa
121. Colleen Moore
122. Jack W. Kerrigan
123. Mary Alden
124. Rudolph Valentino
125. Priscilla Dean
126. Wallace Reid
127. Gladys Walton
128. Pauline Frederick
129. Irene Castle
130. Bert Lytell
131. Rubye de Remer
132. Lois Weber, Prod'r
133. Marshall Neilan
134. Irene Rich
135. Eileen Sedgwick
136. Herbert Rawlinson
137. Pola Negri
138. Erich Von Stroheim
139. Texas Guinan
140. William Russell
141. Jack Holt
142. Marie Prevost
143. Eddie Polo
144. Conrad Nagel
145. Viola Dana
146. Renee Adoree
147. Ed (Hoot) Gibson
148. Agnes Ayres
149. William Farnum
150. Edna Murphy
151. David Powell
152. Clara K. Young
153. Art Acord
154. Ethel Clayton
155. Harry Carey
156. Betty Compson
157. Chas. (Buck) Jones
158. Helene Chadwick
159. Lee Moran
160. Ann Forrest
161. Monte Blue
162. Eileen Percy
163. Dustin Farnum
164. Alice Terry
165. Lila Lee
166. Elmo Lincoln
167. Hazel Daly
168. Doris Kenyon
169. Milton Sills
170. Lois Wilson
171. Nell Shipman, Dir'tor
172. Richard Dix
173. Naomi Childers
174. Johnnie Walker
175. Hope Hampton
176. Betty Ross Clarke
177. John Bowers
178. Gloria Swanson
179. Virginia Warwick
180. Frank Mayo
181. Mae Busch
182. Maude George
183. Charlie Chaplin
184. June Caprice
185. Marie Mosquini
186. Harold Lloyd
187. Anna Q. Nillson
188. Ruth Roland
189. H. (Snub) Pollard
190. Claire Adams
191. Mabel Ballin
192. Tom Mix
193. Mildred Davis
194. Josephine Hill
195. Cullen Landis
196. Virginia B. Faire
197. Alla Nazimova
198. Ben Turpin
199. Alice Lake
200. Gertrude Olmsted

Mack Sennett Cards

201. unidentified woman
202. unidentified woman (Myrtle Lind)
203. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
204. unidentified woman (Jane Allen)
205. unidentified woman (Phyllis Haver)
206. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
207. unidentified woman (Gladys Atkins)
208. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
209. unidentified woman (Dolly Beal)
210. unidentified woman (Phyllis Haver)
211. unidentified woman (Phyllis Haver)
212. unidentified woman
213. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
214. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
215. unidentified woman (Mildred June)
216. unidentified woman (Thelma Bates)
217. unidentified woman (Sybye Trevilla aka Sybil Seeley)
218. unidentified woman (Elsie Warham aka Elsie Ware)
219. unidentified woman
220. unidentified woman (Phyllis Haver)

M.B.S.C. Co. Cards

221. Mabel Normand, as "Suzanna" A Mack Sennett Production
222. Betty Blythe, as the Queen, in "The Queen of Sheba," a Fox Production
223. Antonio Moreno, as Bruni, in "The Bitterness of Sweets," Goldwyn Production
224. Contrad Nagel, as J. Shand in "What Every Woman Knows," Par. Picture
225. Grace Darmond in "A Dangerous Adventure," a Warner Brothers Serial
226. Frank Mayo Star in "Lasca" A Universal Production
227. Kath. MacDonald in "The Beautiful Liar," A First Nat'l Attraction.
228. Elaine Hammerstein in "The Way of a Maid." A Selznick Picture
229. Jack Holt, as Ned Trent in "The Call of the North,"a Paramount Picture
230. Milton Sills in "The Woman Who Walked Alone." A Paramount Picture
231. Wanda Hawley, as Emillie Dixon, in "The Affairs of Anatol," Paramount Pictures
232. Hope Hampton, as The Opera Star, in "Star Dust," First Natl. Attraction
233. Dorothy Gish, as Mary Ellen, in "Mary Ellen Comes to Town," Paramount
234. Corinne Griffith, Starring in Vitagraph Productions
235. Marion Davies, as Ailleen Barrett, in "The Bride's Play," Cosmopolitan
236. Theodore Kosloff As Harelquin, in "Green Temptation," Paramount Pict.
237. Earl Williams, Starring in Vitagraph Pictures
238. Richard Barthelmess, as David Dinemon, in "Tol'able David," First Natl.
239. Constance Talmadge, Star of "East is West," J. M. Schenck, Prod.
240. Lionel Barrymore, as Milt Shanks, in "The Copperhead," a Param't Picture
241. Charles Ray, as John Paul Bart, in "A Tailor Made Man," Chas. Ray Production
242. Lois Wilson, as Lulu Bett, in "Miss Lulu Bett," a Paramount Picture
243. Alice Brady, as Dazie, in "Redhead," a Select Picture
244. Mae Murray, in "Broadway Rose," a Tiffany Production
245. Hoot Gibson, as Jeff Bransford, in "Sure Fire", a Universal Attraction
246. Viola Dana, as Ruth in "The Five Dollar Baby," a Metro Production
247. Walter Hiers, as Bud Walton, in "Her Gilded Cage,"a Paramount Picture
248. Mary Miles Minter, in "The Heart Specialist," A Realart Picture
249. May McAvoy, as Carlotta in "Morals," a Realart Picture
250. Bebe Daniels, as Satan Synne, in "The Affairs of Anatol." A Para. Picture
251. Kathlyn Williams, in "Conrad in Quest of His Youth." A Param't Picture
252. Claire Windsor. In "Brothers Under the Skin." A Goldwyn Picture.
253. Marie Prevost in "Heroes of the Street." A Warner Brothers Attraction.
254. Owen Moore, as Richard Boyd, in "Reported Missing," a Selznick Picture
255. Mabel Ballin, as Jane, in "Jane Eyre," A Hugo Ballin Production
256. Elsie Ferguson, as Mimsi, in "Forever," A Paramount Picture
257. Helene Chadwick, in "The Glorious Fool." A Goldwyn Picture
258. Agnes Ayres, as Diana Mayo, in "The Sheik," A Paramount Picture
259. Larry Semon, Starring in "The Suitor." A Vitagraph Production
260. Norma Talmadge, in "The Voice from the Minaret," J. M. Schenck Prod.

Mack Sennett Cards

261. unidentified woman
262. unidentified woman
263. unidentified woman
264. unidentified woman
265. unidentified woman
266. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
267. unidentified woman
268. unidentified woman
269. unidentified woman
270. unidentified woman (Phyllis Haver)
271. unidentified woman (Mildred June)
272. unidentified woman
273. unidentified woman
274. unidentified woman
275. unidentified woman
276. unidentified woman
277. unidentified woman (Marie Prevost)
278. unidentified woman
279. unidentified woman
280. unidentified woman

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