Vicentini-Thiene Caramelle Cine-Cine

Issuing Company: Ditta L. Vicentini-Thiene
Country of Issue: Italy
Year of Issue: 1934
(Color)/B&W: Color or B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/16" x 2"
Issued as insert with what product: Caramel Candy

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Unnumbered. Backs can be found with text or blank-backed. Fronts can be found in black and white or in color. Some of the cards have a mention of a movie on the front and some don't. The text on the back mentions that turning in some cards can get you a prize of a rubber ball.

It is possible that all cards can be found with a black and white and color version, but not enough cards have been studied to know that for sure. The checklist below indicates which cards have been seen in color and which have been seen in black and white.

Date info: After checking the dates of the movies listed on the cards, the latest one I could find was released in 1934, so I'm putting a date of 1934 on this set, though it could have been released a year or two later.

Thanks to Leo Di Bello for helping with this checklist.

John Barrymore (B/W)
Lionel Barrymore (B/W)
Lionel Barrymore (Color)
Wallace Beery (Color)
Billie Burke (B/W)
Billie Burke (Color)
Mary Carlisle (B/W)
Charles Chase (Color)
Charles Chase (B/W)
Maurice Chevalier (B/W)
Maurice Chevalier (Color)
Mae Clarke (Color)
Mae Clarke (B/W)
Claudette Colbert "Cleopatra" (Color)
Claudette Colbert "4 Persone Spaventate" (B/W)
Il Commediante (B/W)
Gary Cooper "Per Una Donna" (B/W)
Jackie Cooper (Color)
Jackie Cooper "Piccolo Cowboy" (B/W)
Jackie Cooper "Piccolo Cowboy" (Color)
Joan Crawford (B/W)
Marlene Dietrich "Cantico dei Cantici" (B/W)
Marlene Dietrich "L'imperatrice Caterina" (Color)
Marlene Dietrich "L'imperatrice Caterina" (B/W)
Madge Evans (B/W)
Madge Evans (Color)
Farina (B/W)
W. C. Fields "Compagni di allegria" (B/W)
W. C. Fields "Se Avessi Un Milione" (B/W)
W. C. Fields "I Sei Mattacchioni" (B/W)
Gladys Georget (B/W)
Cary Grant "Il Tempio Del Dr. Lamar" (Color)
Cary Grant "La Signorina Curiosa" (B/W)
Jean Harlow (B/W)
Helen Hayes (B/W)
Jrene Hervey (misspelled "Jrene" on card - should be Irene) (Color)
Jrene Hervey (misspelled "Jrene" on card - should be Irene) (B/W)
Walter Huston (B/W)
Otto Kruger (Color)
Elissa Landi "Il Commediante" (Color)
Charles Laughton "Il Diavolo Nell'abisso" (B/W)
Charles Laughton "Inferno Verde" (B/W)
Baby Le Roy "Il Bimbo Rapito" (Color)
Baby Le Roy "Compagni di allegria" (B/W)
Carol Lombard "Per Una Donna" (Color)
Carol Lombard "Inferno Verde" (B/W)
Myrna Loy (B/W)
Myrna Loy (Color)
Elene Mack (Color)
Helen Mack "Il Tempio Del Dr. Lamar" (B/W)
Fredric March "Partita A Quattro" (Color)
Fredric March "Il Segno Della Croce" (Color)
Fredric March "La Morte in Vacanza" (B/W)
Florine McKinney (B/W)
Adolphe Menjou "Squillo Di Tromba" (B/W)
Una Merkel (B/W)
Karen Morley (B/W)
Karen Morley (Color)
Maureen O'Sullivan (B/W)
Maureen O'Sullivan (Color)
Gail Patrick "Il Canto Del West" (Color)
William Powell (B/W)
Selly Rond "Bolero" (B/W)
Charlie Ruggles "Madame Butterfly" (B/W)
Randolph Scott "Il Canto Del West" (Color)
Randolph Scott "Il Canto Del West" (B/W)
Sylvia Sidney "La Prigioniera" (B/W)
Gloria Swanson (B/W)
Franchot Tone (Color)
Spencer Tracy (Color)
Evelyn Venable "La Morte in Vacanza" (B/W)
Evelyn Venable "La Porta Segreta" (B/W)
Diana Wynyard (B/W)
Robert Young (B/W)

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