Issuing Company: W.D. and H.O. Wills
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1931
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 50
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 5/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

1. Victor McLaglen & Mona Maris in "A Devil with Women"
2. Conrad Nagel & Genevieve Tobin in "A Lady Surrenders"
3. Beatrice Lillie in "Are You There"
4. Ralph Forbes in "Beau Ideal"
5. Ricardo Cortez & Mary Astor in "Behind Office Doors"
6. Wallace Beery & John Mack Brown in "Billy the Kid"
7. Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel
8. Ramon Novarro and Dorothy Jordan in "Call of the Flesh"
9. Fay Compton & Ian Hunter in "Cape Forlorn"
10. John Halliday, Mary Brian, & Claude Allister in "Captain Applejack"
11. Fay Wray & Victor Varconi in "Captain Thunder"
12. Jack Whitting & Marion Nixon in "College Lovers"
13. Jean Colin & Charles Hickman in "Compromising Daphne"
14. Marie Ney, Madeleine Carroll, & Sir Gerald Du Maurier in "Escape"
15. Buster Keaton in "Forward March"
16. Bessie Love in "Good News"
17. Freeman Wood & Clara Kimball Young in "Kept Husbands"
18. Snowdrop, Paul Whiteman, & Sunny Jim in "King of Jazz"
19. Jeanette Loff & Stanley Smith in "King of Jazz"
20. Mary Duncan & Otis Skinner in "Kismet"
21. Lorette Young & David Manners in "Kismet"
22. Rod La Rocque & Norma Shearer in "Let us be Gay"
23. Joel McCrea & Will Rogers in "Lightnin"
24. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
25. Jeanette Macdonald, Reginald Denny, & Allison Skipworth in "Oh for a Man"
26. Grant Withers & Mary Astor in "Other Men's Women"
27. Robert Montgomery & Joan Crawford in "Our Blushing Brides"
28. Marie Dressler in "Reducing"
29. Polly Moran & Marie Dressler in "Reducing"
30. Lupe Velez & John Boles in "Resurrection"
31. Mary Lawlor & Richard Dix in "Shooting Straight"
32. Laurence Gray & Marilyn Miller in "Sunny"
33. June Collyer & Ernest Torrence in "Sweet Kitty Bellairs"
34. Ivor Novello in "Symphony in Two Flats"
35. Chestor Morris & Leila Hyams in "The Big House"
36. Ian Keith and Betty Compson in "The Boudoir Diplomat"
37. Chester Morris and Betty Compson in "The Case of Sergeant Grischa"
38. Anna Neagle & Ballard Berkeley in "The Chinese Bungalow"
39. Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Richard Barthelmess, & Neil Hamilton in "The Dawn Patrol"
40. Ann Harding & James Rennie in "The Girl of the Golden West"
41. Marian Nixon, William Janney, & Hugh Trevor in "The Losing Game"
42. Seymour Hicks, Clifford Heatherley & Margot Grahame in "The Love Habit"
43. Charles Farrell & Janet Gaynor in "The Man who Came Back"
44. Leslie Henson & Dorothy Boyd in "The Sport of Kings"
45. Bernice Claire & Claude Gillingwater in "The Toast of the Legion"
46. Sidney Blackmer & Lila Lee in "Under Western Skies"
47. Vivienne Segal & Walter Pidgeon in "Viennese Nights"
48. Alexander Gray, Walter Pidgeon, & Bert Roach in "Viennese Nights"
49. Robert Montgomery & June Walker in "War Nurse"
50. Madeleine Carroll & Frank Lawton in "Young Woodley"

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